Important Therapist Information on Abuse

Award-winning author Jess Hill’s book “See what you made me do.” Is a must-read for the caring and concerned therapist. Now with the help of SBS, she has brought us this text as a brilliant and frightening documentary.

I am recommending it to all my supervisees. Trigger warning for domestic violence, and indigenous abuse. Both confronting and compelling. Surveillance cameras, spyware, and tracking devices are a common tools of an abuser. The camera in the kid’s teddy bear is beyond words, it just beggared belief. Not the first time I had heard of this sort of thing. Still another thing to see it entirely. Shocking.

So here are the three binge-worthy episodes, plus the INSIGHT debate is well worth watching for more perspective too. Just click on the link.

Trailer here :

Resource Therapy in a Nutshell

Chris and I had a delightful hour chatting with Evonne as part of the latest Resourceful Therapist YouTube and Podcast. Evonne shared how being a teacher and frustrated parent eventually led to her becoming a therapist and author. Evonne is a born speaker and gave us her take on the what, how and why of Resource Therapy in the last 15 minutes. Enjoy this episode. We are so grateful out our guests. If you would like an opportunity to share with others or know of someone please pop a comment in the box below. Much appreciation beautiful therapists.

Celebrated Author & Relationship Therapist on The Resourceful Therapist

Evonne talks on the Resourceful Therapist YouTube Channel please join us

Feeling blessed to have the amazing the Evonne Weinhaus from the United States join us for a chat the Resourceful Therapist YouTube Podcast.

Evonne had me inspired from the start when she joined us for our Foundation Program despite time zone challenges.

What a beautiful connection, Evonne is a renowned talk show guest who has been on Oprah, Today, and Good Morning America.

Evonne’s CV is a mile long and includes having trained at the Adler Institute, being a CERTIFIED IMAGO COUPLES RELATIONSHIP Therapist who is an award-winning co-author of “Stop Struggling With Your Teen”, “Stop Struggling With Your Child” (selling over a quarter of a million copies,) and “A New Fearless You”.

Her group therapy practice Sound Mind Therapy offers “to help change the paradigm of counseling away from a medical model of diagnosis to a wellness model incorporating education, empowerment, personal development and – most importantly – building on what is right with you!” Sound Mind Therapy is based in Creve Couer, in Missouri USA. Interestingly where Gordon Emmerson hails from.

She is a delight and fun to be around, with a lived wisdom of experience. Hope you can join us for a chat on The Resourceful Therapist!

Evonne talks on the Resourceful Therapist YouTube Channel please join us

Evonne Weinhaus on The Resourceful Therapist

Zoom meeting.
When: Jun 14, 2021 09:00 Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney USA around June 13 6pm PCT

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