Blocking Beliefs in EMDR, a Parts Perspective

The Heart of RT is Respect

As a trained EMDR therapist, I belong to a EMDR Clinician group Facebook (hmm Metaverse, who knows?) . It has lots of aweosme therapists and information. After seeing a post requesting help on Blocking Beliefs, I thought it would be helpful to view this from a parts therapy model as I note a lot of people are trained in Ego State Therapy. In EMDR therapy these beliefs may sabotage or limit effective processing and must be attended to. Jim Knipe has some excellent information on this.

Coming from a parts therapy lens, Resource Therapy (RT) views these as the personality aspects, unique to us. Designed to help us possilby in ways that no longer serve. They require some negotiation as in the case blocking reprocessing or access.

You may have seen these parts of clients in your office. Perhaps they have an intellectual question they roll out – Why? Why would have to be one of the commonest I have heard. This is an intellectual State heading off intense affect. Or also popular is ‘ I can’t do this/ speak ill of… you fill in the blank. Usually, as a means to protect the person from some percieved guilt, shame or fear.

These are adaptive parts, in RT terms Retro States ( a part also known as a type of Ego State/ Resource) developed to support our emotional selves coming out on the deck of our ship with their fragile, possibly overwhelming affective sensory experience. Avoidance hypervigilance is often a natural defense considering what a client has been exposed to.

Whilst they do hold a belief that blocks it’s often due to the Retro State’s lack of awareness. Trapped in the belief if they don’t stop things, it may be too much emotionally. You can see the logic.

In RT we work directly with this part using the Resistance Alliancing Protocol RT Action 13. With this easy method, there are a couple of ways to get this State onside for therapy to continue and sidestep block beliefs artfully. For a quick look at this technique jump over to RT Action 13.

At its heart, Resource Therapy holds ALL OUR parts are there for a reason.

Yours in service to healing,

Philipa xox

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