An Easy Case Conceptualization Script Starter

It is Galungan day in Ubud where good triumphs over evil – Dharma over Adarma as they say. Good therapy achieves this and parts therapy is powerful in healing the past and freeing up our futures.

As an act of celebration as we are in lovely UBUD please check out the free script below for an easy guide on how to apply Case Conceptualisation within Resource Therapy.

Easy Case Conceptualisation Script for Parts Therapy. How to Diagnose and use the RT Protocols. Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash

Case conceptualization is integral to EMDR, and any good therapy. We apply case conceptualization for treatment planning, and what protocol to apply. Being on the pathway to EMDR Consultant has highlighted how easily Resource Therapy (RT) as a parts therapy glides seamlessly into the therapeutic work.

In RT we apply Action 1 where we work with the client’s desired goal for change and it tells us what Resource Therapy protocols to deploy. It’s simple with the 15 RT Treatment Actions and Action 1 Diagnosis as our starting point.

What a blessing to have a therapeutic roadmap with a clear direction on our journey which we as the therapist get to select, as you apply your artful empathic skills.

As a senior trainer in Resource Therapy, I have seen a lot of people get stuck in case conceptualization, similar to new EMDR therapist struggles.

We are in Bali as I write my first Resource Therapy book. One of the main calls from learner RT therapists was for scripts for each of the protocols. I thought great idea, so watch this space.

Evonne, one of our wonderful RT trainees who comes through the lens of Imago as a highly experienced Couples therapist started this version I share with you today on RT Action 1 Diagnosis (Thanks Evonne!). Here’s a teaser for case conceptualization from a parts perspective of the Resource Therapy Treatment Action 1 Diagnosis and intro to Action 2 Vivify Specific.

Action 1 Diagnosis Case Conceptualisation Script

Isolate issue/target:  What are you ready to work on changing today. Tell me everything I need to know about that?


Is it a behaviour or an emotion or a thought?

How does this part feel when it is conscious (out on deck)

Scared: Fear…- “ my son will stay hooked on drugs.” (Empowerment Protocol)

Rejected : rejection….” My daughter won’t see or talk to me.” ( Empowerment Protocol)

Sad: disappointment..” I’m so sad about losing my spouse.” ( Vaded in Disappointment Protocol)

Confused: confusion…. “I don’t know if I should give him money or let him go homeless.” (Use RT Action 9)

Retro:  Original behaviour…” it’s just me. This is what I do. I can’t see him suffer. It’s who I am -a people pleaser. “( Use Retro State Negotiation RT Action 10)

Retro:  Avoiding behavior…”I can’t stop binging bread late at night.” (Use Empowerment Protocol and Retro State Negotiation RT Action 10.)

Dissonant: Behavior—Wrong part is on deck… “This isn’t working or I’m not going to be able to do this”

Conflicted: Behavior… “I’m pulled in two directions.” (Use RT Action 11)

Action 2 -Vivify to bring out a specific state

Therapist: When was the last time you felt ( scared, emotional, anxious (Vaded State ), or acted this way ( Retro State). I need one specific time.

Let your client respond and go from there. End of Script.

RT holds the belief that all our Resources or personality parts are there to help us. Sometimes those Resource states need healing or repurposing in order to deal with new issues.

Please enjoy this freebie.

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  1. Working with the RT actions and protocols produces a seamless and powerful set of interventions, to the invaluable benefit of our clients.

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