Details for Practising Resource Therapy with Clients Online Webinar

Join me for this free E-learning course on 11 April 4.30-6 pm Sydney Australia time on Zoom. Please click on the link below to register now. Make the most of your lockdown.

It will both practical and fun. We will cover the basic set up, keeping it real, and how to make the most of Zoom technology. There will be loads of suggestions for support and pointers to other apps to help you navigate this online journey.

Free Webinar practising RT with clients online Free webinar

Get my client’s email information sheets so you can adapt them to your practice. Learn the fun of online therapy using Resource Therapy’s powerful tools.

It is ideal you have trained in Resource Therapy or perhaps Ego State Therapy or other Parts therapies like Internal Family Systems.

In the spirit of inclusivity I am making this training open to all. As much will apply to any therapy model you use online.

Shamelessly I want to introduce you to Resource Therapy’s benefits and inspire you to learn more.

Stay safe lovely therapists and keep doing your brilliant work helping heal the world one Vaded State at a time, or many!

Love Philipa xox

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