The Secret Recipe in Therapy?

When Betty Crocker (brand name) first started selling instant cake mixes – all you had to do was add water. They failed miserably.

They changed the recipe. When bakers added an egg and oil to the mix – success!

People wanted to feel like they were cooking, and just adding water wasn’t enough. There’s nothing like feeling actively involved in the baking process.

It’s the same with Therapy. Your input is valued and crucial to your clients.

Resource Therapy’s protocols guide you through the steps you take for changing results. It’s a team effort as you collaborate with your clients for results.

Without your compassion, your learning, your ethics, and care in using this recipe it runs the this of being an instant cake, not a precision laser tool.

Good therapy is an art.

You are the active ingredient.

Parts work Protocols with Resource Therapy made easy deva-williamson-bLnJi-GKwhw-unsplash

Learn how Resource Therapy ‘recipes’ applied with your unique skills assists your client’s goals for change. Next Foundation Program May 29/30 Online.

Love to introduce you to the magic of Parts Therapy work.

Article inspired by S Godin tweet.

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