What is Resource Therapy?

Resource Therapy is a  Trauma Informed Empowering Parts Psychotherapy

Resource Therapy’s power lies in it’s ability to treat long standing client issues immediately and effectively in the therapy hour.

Resource Therapy is a brief strength based trauma informed parts therapy, based on the idea our personality is made up of multifaceted parts. These parts are called our Resources and we each have many Resources available to us.

Resource Therapy was developed by Professor Gordon Emmerson combining his knowledge of Ego State Therapy, cognitive psychology and client experience.

Psychologist Gordon Emmerson Founder of Resource Therapy. President of Resource Therapy International.
Psychologist Gordon Emmerson Founder of Resource Therapy. President of Resource Therapy International.

Clinicians who are familiar with  mind-body therapies such as Eye-Movement- Desensitization- Reprocessing (EMDR) as developed by Dr Francine Shapiro Ph.D.,  Brain Spotting created by David Grand, Dr Laurie Mackinnon’s Ph.D Radical Exposure Technique and Internal Family Systems originator  Richard Schwartz,  will likely already use Ego State Therapy.

Resource Therapy had its genesis in the widely known ‘Ego State Therapy’ and has a rich pedigree in theory and practice. It also known as Advanced Ego State.

Our esteemed colleagues in the United States, Europe, and South Africa will be familiar with Ego State Therapy and it’s founders John and Helen Watkins. Those of you specializing in trauma will  know the work of Maggie Phillips Ph.D,  Pat Ogden, Janina Fisher, Claire Frederick and many other clinicians of note who use of Ego State Therapy extensively.

Ego State Therapy Authored by Gordon Emmerson PhD.
Ego State Therapy Authored by Gordon Emmerson PhD.. Resource Therapy founder.

Resource Therapy (RT) can be thought of as an advanced form of Ego State, as hypnosis is no longer required and RT  offers  systematized intervention treatment protocols which  works to  support life changing positive results for clients in your therapy practice.

Resource Therapy dares to ask clients “What are you Ready to Change Today?

What are you ready to change today? Resource Therapy's number 1 diagnosis question.
What are you ready to change today? Resource Therapy’s number 1 diagnosis question.

This question allows you the client to be in control and your therapist to understand your goal for change. You need to know your destination to achieve the therapeutic results you desire and Resource Therapy can provide the vehicle for change. Naturally Resource Therapy is a trauma informed and strength based model.

As helping professionals we know it is essential to deliver short-term and effective therapeutic change in today’s contemporary clinical practice world. Our clients also expect their work with therapists and other mental health professionals will bring positive change quickly.

The problem with many talking therapies is they fail to work directly with the part needing assistance.

Sally is eager, Johnny is upset. Who who should their teacher talk to?
Sally is talkative, however it is Johnny who is upset. Who who should their teacher talk to?

Imagine a classroom of students. Little Johnny sits at the back,  feeling upset, tears slip down his cheeks. The teacher asks alert Sally in  sitting the front row what is wrong with Johnny?

Poor Sally may take a guess but in reality she does not know what Johnny’s concerns are.

Resource Therapists are dedicated to talking to ‘Johny’ ( the internal Resource State) directly associated with the unwanted  emotion or broken behaviour.

Too often counselors only talk to a part like Sally who  reports on Johnny and his woes  but is not directly involved with the root cause of the issue.

Frustrating for all concerned to say the least!  Profound inner change remains elusive.

Your Resource Therapist is trained to help you to deal with your thoughts, feelings, beliefs reactions and emotions, getting to the very heart of ‘why” you have come for help. By working directly with the part associated with the unwanted feelings or problem behavior. It makes sense.

All our Parts working in harmony together.
All our Parts working in harmony together.

With Resource therapy lengthy history taking is unnecessary.

Resource Therapists won’t waste your time trying to figure out the ‘why’ with an intellectual story telling part. We are interested in the “what” happened to you.

Instead Resource Therapist are trained to work with directly with your internal Resource States locked in  pain, fear, abandonment, rejection, neglect, hurt, guilt, trauma, resentment, anger and shame and other unhelpful emotional baggage.  Resource Therapists facilitate full expression , validation and empowerment rather like an internal family therapy.

The Pixar Movie Inside Out is a super way to see our Parts in action.
The Disney Pixar Movie Inside Out is a cute way to see our Resources conceptually.

Resource therapy addresses client’s issues in the most direct manner, with results being incredibly fast, effective, efficient and apparently permanent. I liken Resource therapy (Advanced Ego State Therapy) to the Occam’s razor of brief, solution-focused therapy.

This leaves no need for symptomatic relief as we get to the source of the client’s distress. Healing Magic!

3 Replies to “What is Resource Therapy?”

  1. Where is such a Resource Therapy qualified psychologist near Maitland or Newcastle NSW Australia/ Could you please provide me with a list of practitioners please? For myself.

    1. Hi Julie, yes there are many Resource Therapy qualified psychologists both here and worldwide now.
      You can find them in your area or available on line via Skype or Zoom.
      Here is the link to Resource Therapy International where you can find a practitioner by location. It’s for the NSW directory https://www.resourcetherapyinternational.com/nsw-directory.html
      Otherwise contact me via phone 0434559011 or email me philipathornton@gmail.com
      Thanks for your question Julie!
      Best wishes Philipa

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