See what mental health professionals who have attended say…

Here’s what other counsellors, social workers, doctors, coaches, Nlp practitioners and psychologists attending have said about their training workshop experiences:

  Psychologist ” The demonstrations were most useful.”

Psychologist “Loved the live demonstrations, I learn by seeing and then doing. Great demonstrations.”

Mental Health Nurse “I chose to attend this course for emotional memory processing after learning about EMDR.”

Social Worker “As a social worker I enjoyed the relaxed, informal, supportive and encouraging space offered. All questions are encouraged. Thank you for your warm hospitality.”

Sex Therapist ” Enjoyed thanks Pip and Chris, you make a great team.”

NLP Coach “Impressed by clarity given.” “Compliments my therapy practice – It sounded good and was great.”

Clinical Hypnotherapist ” I liked the clarity given to each phase and giving examples and solutions. Their passion for RT is invaluable.”

We never stop learning!

We never stop learning!

GP “Excellent, experienced and knowledgeable presenters.”

Psychologist “Having two trainers – great! Thank you.”

Provisional Psychologist ” The pace, the comfortable room and professional approach.” “The group was useful for discussions in a casual setting allowing greater exploration. “

Team effort makes learning fun

Psychologist “I wanted to learn a new modality and gain fresh ideas in my professional development.”

Social Worker “I am glad I got to further implement my existing skillset. Yes please send me updates on further training and referral options”

Psychotherapist “Personable, relaxed but professionally supportive.”

EFT Practitioner ” Loved everything, well done!”

Art Therapist “Thank you the two days were wonderful.”

Psychologist “Spreading the course over time allows for more practice and personal examples, this really helped me ‘get it.'”

Social Worker ” The facilitators shared their knowledge and expertise making it an open learning environment. Small group process really worked for me.”

 Group training gains knowledge
Group training gains knowledge

Therapist ” The demonstrations of the therapy in action were most useful.”

Social Worker ” Looked interesting and it was, also got PD points.”

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Course Participant “Needed Professional Development points.” 

“Liked the opportunity for practice and demonstrations.” Life Coach

Provisional Psychologist ” A good mix of theory and practice that was well paced. Constructive feedback helped.” 

Psychologist “Well thought out workshop covering all bases. Liked the openness of members knowledge of trainers and opportunities to practice.” 

Maintain the standard with Professional development points
Maintain the standard with Professional development points

Social Work Student “A good taste of what Resource Therapy is about and can achieve.” 

Would you recommend this training to others?

Psychologist “Yes – perfect balance of theory and practice. Therapy can be used for nearly all client presentations.” 

NLP Practitioner ” Yes – it’s effective.” 

Mental Health Nurse ” Yes valuable.”  Doctor ” Made sense.” 

Student Counselor “Yes it is a worthwhile therapy style.”

Social Worker “Yes I think it is a useful approach and will dovetail with other therapeutic approaches well.” 

thumbs up

Hypnotherapist and Counsellor “Yes because it’s useful and it works.” 

Psychologist. “Yes more skills to deal with client complexity.”

Course Participant “Yes it works fast.” 

Psychologist “Yes so much so, I have referred my intern to your next Foundation training.” 

Signpost and gateway to hope using Resource Therapy

Signpost and gateway to hope using Resource Therapy