Resourcing Your Clients Clinical Resource Therapy Training Course – Interventions for Real Results Online Information

Signpost and gateway to hope using Resource Therapy

    • Signpost and gateway to hope using Resource Therapy’s powerful & yet simple interventions

Advanced Resourcing Your Clients Clinical Interventions training Resource Therapy (RT) online information. This is the official 8 day training course to be a fully qualified Clinical Resource Therapist.

The Clinical Resource Therapy Professional Developement Training Course

The Clinical training gives you the special techniques crucial to working with all your clients distressing issues. At it’s heart Resource Therapy is a powerful strength based brief trauma informed parts model for results.

Here you will learn a simple system that will give you the confidence to handle what ever your clients bring to your therapy room. As you hear your clients conerns, you will confidently know how to apply a treatment roadmap adding your own creative lens and empathic touch.

All the techniques are super adaptable to fit into your therapeutic tool box.

Whether you are a psychologist, social worker, mental health professional, clinical hypnotherapist, EFTer, EMDR specialist ( parts work is extremely valuable here!) Doctor, Psychiatrist, Counsellor, couples Therapist or Psychotherapist. Resource Therapy will add a spectacular edge to your treatment results and future referrals to your practice.

As an advanced skills training, in-depth understanding of psychological issues and the Resource Therapy treatment protocols are practice and you will be up and running with them.

Meet the skilled therapists, counsellors & psychologists graduating from a one of our Sydney Resource Therapy Training workshops.

e Therapists with trainer Chris Paulin
Certified Foundation Resource Therapists

In order to attend the Advanced Clinical Interventions in Resource Therapy you must have completed the two day training. Resourcing Your Clients, Foundation Training for Therapists gives you a head start in the fundamentals of Resource Therapy and targeted helping techniques to add massively to your amazing and caring skillset.

We know clients have many more issues than can be addressed in a two day workshop. So we offer the next step – the Clinical Trainin.

Foundation dates August 18 & 19

Advanced Resourcing Your Clients Clinical Interventions  (CQT) Dates 2019 Eastern Suburbs Randwick, Sydney.

This is the complete suite of all Resource Therapy techniques giving you a clear roadmap for treating your clients distress and empowering them.

The dates are :
Clinical Part 1 – Four Days  19, 20, 21, 22  September 2019

Resource Therapy - the pool of learning!
Walk the path of healing using Resource Therapy as its easily incorporated into your private practice skills.

Clinical Part 2- Four Days 24, 25, 26, 27  October 2019

We are excited to announce the Clinical dates for 2019 are happening in two blocks of four days each. We are hoping our interstate visitors will find this easier to attend.

Register by phone 0434 55 90 11 now or email for eligibility – hurry places strictly limited to provide you with a high quality learning environment.

Suitable to your level of expertise the Clinical course is specifically designed for the psychotherapist either already working with clients in a professional  mental health capacity or who are in the process of gaining the appropriate therapeutic credentials in order to practice ethically with clients. Student counsellors most welcome!

Acceptance into the Advanced Resourcing Your Clients Clinical Interventions in  Resource Therapy training criteria are:

  1. Completion of the Foundation Training introduction to Resource Therapy and it’s applications.
  2. An appropriate counselling or therapeutic background and training to work with clients. Students in psychotherapy training accepted.

Skills you will learn in the eight day Clinical Training

You will learn advanced  and innovative techniques that provide you with a huge array of useful skills for your toolbox for the complex issues our clients bring into our therapy rooms. Never be left uncertain again. Gain full confidence in your treatment outcomes,

Over the eight day Resource Therapy training you will gain precision tools to easily help clients achieve results with the following

DSM-5 disorders:

American Psychological Association DSM 5 & DSM IV TR
APA Diagnostic Services Manual 5

Anxiety, Phobias, Feeding and Eating Disorders, Panic Attacks, Pain Management, Depression, Complicated Grief, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder,  Addictions, Sleep Terror, OCD, Dissociative Identity Disorder, Substance-Related Disorders, Hoarding Disorder, Adjustment Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder (Social Phobia), Agoraphobia, Acute Stress disorder, Trauma Disorder, Body Dysmorphic Disorder, Somatic Symptom Disorders, Illness Anxiety Disorder

Resource Therapy is effective in addressing  Interpersonal Relationship Issues, Self Empowerment,  Personality Issues, Complex PTSD, Workaholism, Inner Conflict, Below Par Performance, Exam Failure, Procrastination, Low Self-Esteem, Public Speaking and Anger Management.

 It is my mission as a therapist is to be of service to others. As a result of stumbling across RT from my training in EMDR and Radical Exposure Tapping, I’m super keen to show  therapists how RT can benefit  both you as a clinician and your clients.

Connect with supportive and encouraging peers
Connect with supportive and encouraging peers

This is why we are committed to offering Advanced Resourcing Your Clients Clinical Interventions training Resource Therapy (RT).

We’ve found using RT with clients they want to refer friends and family to us or another Resource Therapists. We really need to have more experienced RT practitioners to refer these clients on to now, so please join us by calling Philipa now 0434 55 9011 or email me

Delivery of the Advanced Resourcing Your Clients Clinical Interventions of Resource Therapy

Clinical Qualification Training Program

Resource Therapy Primer Author Gordon Emmerson
Advanced Ego State a parts based therapy with straightforward therapy techniques

We have organized the training into distinct blocks usually a month or so apart. In a series of ‘long weekends’. This delivery is designed to allow you to go out and practice and then return to discuss your experiences. Eight hours of group supervision included in the eight days of training.

Free Resource Therapy Primer by Gordon Emmerson and full set of workshop notes in a folder. Plus your very own Learn Resource Therapy Student Manual.

The series of Master classes in the CQT program

Resource Therapy Theory, Diagnosis and Therapy

Diagnosis assure you know where you and your client need to work
Diagnosis assure you know where you and your client need to work
  • Understanding Resource Therapy and how it helps the therapist with diagnosis and treatment of client’s presenting issues – here you are taught to diagnose the problem and not the person! So empowering, told you it’s strength based!
  • Using Resource Therapy to assess and resolve client’s issues at the source with the Resource Therapy Treatment Actions.
  • Moving beyond symptomatic relief – that’s right getting to the cause of our issues resolves them, creating a new relationship with their past.
  • Working with Complicated Grief and Loss, Overcoming Performance and Creative Blocks
    Fear of Public Speaking Dissonant part out
    Fear of Public Speaking Dissonant part out

    e.g. Sports Difficulties, Sexual Dysfunction, Shame, Anxiety, (Complex) PTSD, DID, Phobias, Panic Disorder, Low Self Esteem, Confusion in Decision Making

    Help is at hand
    Help is at hand

Resource Therapy Advanced Techniques Continued

  • Dealing with Depression.

    Despair blocks a person
    Despair blocks a person
  • Enhancing and engaging with your clients inbuilt Resources to gain them traction in their life and move out of depression
  • Resource Mapping – Identifying  and Integrating Personality Strengths and Characteristics

    Resource States working together
    Resource States working together
  • Resource Therapy for Couples Counselling

    Create a vision for your relationship
    Create a vision for your relationship
  • Ethics – are you truly trauma informed?
  • Working with Unwanted Behaviours –  Workaholism, Rage States
    Rage is scary
    Rage is scary

    OCD, Eating Disorders, Sex Addiction, Uncontrolled Shopping

    Shopping problems
    Shopping problems
    Cyber pornography
    Cyber pornography

    Smoking, Internet Addictions – Gaming, Shopping, Porn, Social Media (Facebook) Overuse.

    Eating Disorders
    Eating Disorders
  • Resolving Emotional issues
    Emotional pain is worth healing
    Emotional pain is worth healing

    Fear and Rejection Overwhlem
    Fear and Rejection Overwhelm

Resource Therapy Interventions for:

  • Chronic Pain and Somatic Presentations
  • Chronic Pain help
    Chronic Pain help
  • Pain – Is it Organic or Psychosomatic?
  • Working with Resistance in Therapy using the Resource Alliancing Protocol
  • Advanced Techniques – Separation Sieve, Inner Strength work and Anchoring.
  • Review Resource Therapy Treatment Regimen’s

Upon completion of the above training you will be awarded the Clinical Qualification Certificate in Resource Therapy. You will be able call yourself a Resource Therapist and welcomed into the  Resource Therapy community of counsellors, psychologists, psychotherapists, hypnotherapists, social workers and other mental health professionals who use this powerful therapy.

All our Parts working in harmony together.
Join the community!

Rt will also fit incredibly well into your existing therapeutic tool box.  Rt is particularly useful for EMDR clinicians, Complex Trauma specialists, Brain spotting therapists, EFT practitioners who need to know Ego State Therapy. Resource Therapy is an advanced form of Ego State Therapy. With easily understood, logical, systematized treatment protocol for many client difficulties.

***Free Bonus Website Listing on REsource Therapy International***
You will be invited to list your resource therapy practice details on the Worldwide Directory of RT Therapists if you are practicing RT in your professional work for a majority of your clinical attendees.  Please click here to visit Directory of RT Therapists with Resource Therapy International. This is where you can choose to list your private practice, if you meet the specified criteria.

We have several support options on our Facebook groups which you are encouraged to join and participate in the Resource Therapy Community.

Graduation celebration for Clinical Therapists
Graduation celebration for Clinical Therapists

Training Dates for Advanced Resourcing Your Clients Clinical Interventions training in Resource Therapy Clinical Practitioner Qualification Program 2018

Prerequisite: To attend you must have completed the Foundation Training – the two day introduction to Resource Therapy.

Payment options available please contact us.

Payment plan available to secure your place.  Please register today  : email now

Openings in Resource Therapy Training
Openings in Resource Therapy Training

Foundation Training in Resource Therapy 4 & 5 May  2019 registrations open closed

Resource Therapy Foundations 18 & 19 August  Institute registrations Now open

Clinical Part 1 – Four Days   19, 20, 21 & 22 September

Clinical Part 2- Four Days 24, 25, 26 & 27 October 2019

Call us now on 434 55 90 11 or email to ensure your place. Numbers strictly limited.

Professor Gordon Emmerson Resource Therapy Student Manual
Professor Gordon Emmerson’s latest book – Learn Resource Therapy, Clinical Qualification Student Manual.

Registration – Book early to ensure your place! Hurry strictly limited numbers to ensure you get devoted learning and practice. Please contact Philipa for payment options today

Payment options available.

If you pay in one lump sum you will be given a full  suite of Resource Therapy books as our special gift to you.

Payment plan available to secure your place.  Please register today  : email now

REGISTRATION TYPE Payment received electronically or postmarked by EARLY STANDARD LATE
Early bird  Discount $ one off payment or  on payment plan 10 days
Individual: Contact Philipa for Payment plan and deposit options. $ $ $
ADDITIONAL DISCOUNT Group (3+ people) – Must Fulfill Criteria Below Bring 4 people you come free.
FULL-TIME STUDENTS (must meet criteria for this special discount )$2200 plus gst

Payment Plan Available upon request. Please Contact us to discuss  0434559011 OR Email Philipa Thornton

Chris Paulin Clinical Psychologist Resource Therapist
Chris Paulin Registered Psychologist, Advanced Clinical Resource Therapist and Resource Therapy Trainer
The view from Cafe Indus, where Chris and I go fro a dance in Ubud, Bali. Please come and join us!
The view from Cafe Indus, where Chris and I go for a dance in Ubud, Bali. Please come and join us!

Please register your interest for the next opportunity by  : email now

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