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Dear fellow therapists and healing practitioners,

In light of the COVID19 pandemic, being an essential mental health service we are open. We are also offering Online therapy and training via Zoom professional for Telehealth.

Working in the mental health profession can be one of the most rewarding and honorable journeys. In order to keep professionally and personally growing it’s important to invest in your education learning the latest advances. To understand how to support your clients in a way that is supportive, empowering, and healing for clients’ inbuilt resilience and freedom.

At the Resource Therapy Institute, we are dedicated to sharing our excitement, passion, and experience of the power of parts therapy through training and education for therapists who truly care about their clients well being.

The more we learn in counselling and psychotherapy, the more people we can help more effectively.

We are excited to have you join one of our Resource Therapy Parts workshops across the world, please find details below.

Here is to creating life-changing results in our world!

What is Resource Therapy and How it can Help You

Resource therapy is a trauma-informed, strength-based brief psycho-dynamic Parts therapy. This model has been pioneered by Professor Gordon Emmerson PhD. Gordon and his wife Anna Emmerson co-founded Resource Therapy International.

Learn effective tools to empower you and your client’s work for processing emotional blocks and unwanted behavior.

Want to help people recover from trauma?

Resource Therapy will help.

Do you believe people have innate strengths for healing?

Resource Therapy will help.

Do you want to empower people to be their best selves?

Resource Therapy will help.

Want to have clear protocols to follow while, adding your special therapist touch and style?

Resource Therapy will help.

Do you want to create a successful and busy private practice that’s fulfilling and rewarding as you assist others in their emotional healing and well being?

Resource Therapy will help.

Focused Bali Resource Therapy Workshop training group in action
Learn how Resource Therapy (Emmerson’s Advanced Ego State Therapy) transforms our client’s past trauma, builds inner strength and creates internal peace.

Exclusive Resource Therapy Training programs

Find out more about our exclusive Resource Therapy Training opportunities here https://resourcetherapy.com.au/resource-therapy-foundation-training-online-philipa-thornton-sydney/

Fully qualified Clinical Resource Therapists are invited to complete the Advanced Clinical and Train the Trainer workshop. This Parts Psychology like Internal Family Systems will teach you the power of Parts based psychotherapy. Train with us today.

For the Caring Mental Health Professional

Resource Therapy is a trauma-informed brief psycho-dynamic parts therapy, designed to treat our client’s issues.

With it’s easily learned system and clear steps to follow you will feel confident working with your client’s issues.

Click on the About page for an overview of Resource Therapy in practice.

Ready to train in this exciting Parts Model: https://resourcetherapy.com.au/resource-therapy-foundation-training-online-philipa-thornton-sydney/

The Resource Therapy Institute Australia is the premier provider of training, workshops, education, supervision, mentoring, research, and consultation for Resource Therapy in Australia and worldwide.

If you are a psychologist, social worker, clinical hypnotherapist, psychotherapist, doctor, psychiatrist, NLP practitioner, mental health nurse, counselor or student therapist you will love learning how Resource Therapy can benefit your clients.

An easily learned parts model for resolving issues and restoring inner peace.

Like all the other powerful parts psychologies – Ego State Therapy, Internal Family Systems Therapy, and Voice Dialog, Resource Therapy is a strength-based Parts approach.

Our Resources are our internal personality parts, supplying us with unique skills and abilities to handle our life situations.

Imagine the feeling of flow, having the best part of your self in the driver’s seat for the occasion with the appropriate skills in the right amount.

Resourcing – we find helping states for clients to engage their best Resources, our internal assets for making the most of our lives.

Unique to us our Resource States helps us to deal with life situations and relationship issues in line with our personal values and beliefs.


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