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Get up and running with the most practical, useful parts therapy training program – Resource therapy is a person centred, brief psychodynamic psychotherapy which enables therapists to respond directly to the precise personality part that holds the problem.

Welcome to Resource Therapy, a specialized parts therapy model designed for both experienced and new therapists.

As a therapist, you recognise the significance of helping individuals identify and utilise their inherent strengths to overcome challenges. This is precisely what Resource Therapy offers.

Resource Therapy understands how past trauma can affect a person’s overall health and well-being. By using trauma-informed practices, a strengths-based lens, therapists create a safe and supportive environment for clients to discuss and process their feelings and experiences.

We provide training in Parts Therapy with interactive tools to help you work with clients effectively. Additionally, we provide certifications for practitioners of Parts Therapy who desire to gain professional acknowledgement for their contributions to the industry.

Comprehensive Parts Therapy Training, featuring respectful interactive methods and tools that deliver tangible outcomes.

We offer counselling, training, workshops, education, supervision, mentoring, research, and consultation for Resource Therapy worldwide.

We provide all Resource Therapy Certification Programs authorised by founder Gordon Emmerson, Ph.d. and accredited with Resource Therapy International.

About Us

Join Philipa and Chris, master RT trainers, for online and in-person training in powerful parts therapy worldwide. Uncover the strength of Parts Therapy in our upcoming educational workshop. Click the link to our Resource Therapy Program Events.

Understanding Resource Therapy and Its Benefits to You

A brief psychodynamic psychotherapy, Resource Therapy focuses on assisting clients in using their internal personality parts known as our ‘Resources’ to overcome emotional obstacles, and internal conflict, and healing from prior trauma.

RESOURCE THERAPY ADDRESSES CAUSES OF OUR ISSUES, which naturally means symptoms either lessen or disappear. It also creates a new relationship with the past, so there may no longer be the same confusion or distress-related experiences.

Resource Therapy allows therapists to respond directly to the precise personality part that holds the problem.

This targeted approach saves precious time and money.

Many therapies speak with an intellectual, talkative, reporting Part that is not directly related to the presenting issue. RT gently guides you on how to speak with the part aka Resource that most needs assistance.


Resource therapy is a trauma-aware, attachment-informed, strength-based brief psycho-dynamic Parts therapy. Professor Gordon Emmerson PhD. has developed this model after many years of using Ego State Therapy. He has pioneered newer techniques and a unique model of Parts, States, or ‘Resources’.

Creator Professor Gordon Emmerson PhD, founder of Resource Therapy International, the peak professional body of Resource Therapy worldwide.

The Resource Therapy Institute of Australia provides training and support for psychologists using this approach in their practice. Philipa Thornton is proud to be President of Resource Therapy International, appointed by Gordon Emmerson, Ph.D.

Is Parts Therapy only for Psychologists?

No.  If you are a psychologist, social worker, clinical hypnotherapist, case worker, teacher coach, couples therapist, psychotherapist, doctor, psychiatrist, NLP practitioner, mental health nurse, counselor, or student therapist you will love learning how Resource Therapy can benefit your clients.

Get up and running with the most practical, useful parts therapy training program in the industry.

Are you ready to make a difference in your therapy practice?

  • Do you think individuals possess inherent abilities for recovery?
  • Are you interested in enabling individuals to reach their full potential?
  • Do you want clear, easy-to-learn protocols that guide your sessions?
  • Do you want a successful private practice where you help others with their emotional healing and well-being?

Resource Therapy is a Parts’ therapy that assists therapists in tailoring their sessions to each client’s needs, and goals.

Exclusive Resource Therapy Training Programs

If you’re looking for the best way to help your clients with their issues and find lasting change, then you’ve come to the right place.

With our quickly-learned system and clear steps to follow, you will feel confident working with your client’s issues when using Resource Therapy..

Ready to train in this exciting Parts Model: Resource Therapy Training Dates and Fees.

Focused Bali Resource Therapy Workshop training group in action
Learn how Resource Therapy (Emmerson’s Advanced Ego State Therapy) transforms our client’s past trauma, builds inner strength, and offers internal peace.

Why choose us?

Jonathon writes:

There’s a wonderful energy about Philipa’s teaching, the lessons are practical, elegantly simple, and I’ve been able to immediately apply Resource Therapy techniques to great effect. Demonstrations, practice, illustrations, have all made this a dynamic, and even fun, learning experience. Highly recommended.  

-JM, Trauma Informed Attachment Focused Psychotherapist, New York, USA.

START HERE with our exclusive Resource Therapy Training opportunities Click the link to visit the Resource Therapy Events Program dates and fees.

Fully qualified Clinical Resource Therapists are invited to complete the Advanced Clinical and Train the Trainer workshop. This Parts Psychology like Internal Family Systems will teach you the power of Parts based psychotherapy. Train with us today.

Which Parts Therapy is for you?

Like all the other powerful parts psychologies – Ego State Therapy, Internal Family Systems Therapy, and Voice Dialogue, Resource Therapy is a positive strength-based healing Parts approach.

Our Resources are our internal personality parts, aspects of ourselves, supplying us with unique skills and abilities to handle our life situations. Connecting with the best part in the driver’s seat as the Captain of our Ship helps us sail through life.

Imagine the feeling of flow, having the best part of yourself in the Captain’sseat for the occasion with the appropriate skills in the right amount.

Resourcing – we find helping states for clients to engage their best Resources, our internal assets, for making the most of our lives. Unique to us our Resource States support us to live our best lives according to our values and beliefs.


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