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Happy National Psychology Week 2016

Welcome to this week’s emphasis in psychology for 2016  – Positive Psychology.

Resource Therapy fits nicely into this category, as it offers empowerment and positive change for clients.

At the Resource Therapy Institute we are giving a free talk at the Randwick Mental Health Professional Network, this Tuesday November 8th 6.30-8.30 pm. Shop 155 Avoca St. Hurry as places are limited, grab your ticket below:

Register here for Randwick Mental Health Professional Network meeting by clicking here.

Resource Therapy Foundation Training

The Dalai Lama has to be a positive psychology believer. Resource Therapy Glastonbury Music Festival with the Dalai Lama and Patti Smith.



Resource Therapy Institute website

The Resource Therapy Institute provides training, resources and practical tips to grow the practice of psychologists, therapists and health & wellness practitioners.

Our practical business growth tools work regardless of therapeutic model or approach.

Based in Sydney Australia, delivering our services online and in real-life world-wide, we provide training in Resource Therapy  (Advanced Ego State Therapy), a brief Parts Therapy developed by Professor Gordon Emmerson. More info is available via our menus.



Chris and I are heading to the Gold Coast in May for the Australian & New Zealand Addiction Conference 2016 to present new treatment options.

Addictions Conference 2016

Resource Therapy Institute presentation Addiction Conference 2016 Gold Coast, Australia.

Resource Therapy is the new approach to treating addiction that offers precision treatment for clients seeking to address behavioral addictions – gambling, internet addiction, pornography addiction, Obsessive compulsive disorder, drug abuse, rage and other unwanted behavior.

I have worked with many talented and intelligent clients in my years as a psychologist. Many have had great insight and knowledge into their addictive behaviour and yet still have relapsed in times of emotional stress.  Leaving them disappointed and downhearted by this lack of change.

We need to tackle behavioral and process type addictions with innovation.

Resource Therapy addresses the core issues and find an alternative state to accomplish more appropriate means of dealing with stress.

RT targets the personality part needing a trauma informed approach using the Resource Therapy Actions 1-7 to process and resolve the underlying issues. This brings a state holding extreme anxiety or fear back to normality, restoring the state to health.

The next step is to get the pathological personality part acting out in the unwanted behavior ( a Retro State in Resource Therapy terms) and negotiate directly with it. In the Retro State negotiation we suggest an alternative or smaller role for the Retro State that will be preferred by resource states and liked.

Resource Therapy Action 8 Find a Resource is often used if a more appropriately skilled resource is needed.

We are very pleased to be offered this opportunity to introduce Resource Therapy and it’s effective treatment actions in May.


Abstract' Play It Again Sam' presented by the Resource Therapy Institute

Conference Abstract presented by Resource Therapy Institute Director Philipa Thornton & Consultant Psychologist Chris Paulin.                                                                                                If you are interested in learning please send an email or call Philipa directly on 0434 55 90 11 http://resourcetherapy.net.au/registration/















CPD Clinical Qualification Training Sydney 2017

After completion of the Foundation Training  workshop, you are invited to take your skills to the next level – the Clinical  Qualification Training (CQT) program, an intensive series of CPD workshops designed to give you in-depth knowledge and practice in Resource Therapy.

I have to admit a pressing issue. I’m keen to get more therapists clinically qualified to an advanced level in Resource Therapy (RT) in Sydney and surrounds. I’ve found using RT with clients they want to refer friends and family to me.

I urgently need to have more experienced RT practitioners to refer these clients on to. Would this be of interest to you?

The clinical qualification training is only open to those therapists who have completed the Foundation training and hold professional certification in counselling, coaching, psychology and psychotherapy. It is perfect for new  psychology, counseling and social work graduates who want practical real world client solutions.


Foundation Training in Resource Therapy  February 4 & 5 2017

Clinical Qualification Training Program (C.Q.T) Dates 2017

Clinical Block One Level 2              18, 19 and 20 February 2017
Clinical Block Two Level 3              4,5 and 6 March 2017
Clinical Block Three Level 4          1 and 2 April 2017

Here is what you will learn in the CQT program:

Clinical Block One Level 2 –

Resource Therapy Theory, Diagnosis and Therapy

  • Understanding Resource Therapy and how it helps the therapist with diagnosis and treatment
  • Using Resource Therapy to assess and resolve client’s issues at the source (Beyond symptomatic relief)
  • Working with Complicated Grief and Loss, Overcoming Performance and Creative Blocks e.g. Sports Difficulties, Sexual Dysfunction, Shame, Anxiety, (Complex) PTSD, DID, Phobias, Panic Disorder, Low Self Esteem

Clinical Block Two Level 3-

Resource Therapy Techniques continued

  • Dealing with Depression – effective techniques for change
  • Resource Mapping – Identifying Personality Strengths and Characteristics
  • Resource Therapy for Couples Counselling
  • Ethics of the  Professional Counselling Relationship and Practice
  • Working with Unwanted Behaviours – Workaholism, Rage States OCD, Eating Disorders, Sex Addiction, Uncontrolled Shopping, Smoking, Internet Addictions – Gaming, Shopping, Porn Adddiction, Social Media (Facebook) Obsession.

Clinical Block Three Level 4 Completion

Resource Therapy Interventions for:

  • Pain and Somatic Presentations – chronic pain management
  • Pain – Organic or Psychosomatic?
  • Working with Resistance in Therapy – Engaging the reluctant part.
  • Advanced Techniques – Separation Sieve, Inner Strength work and Anchoring.
  • Review and Support Options


You will receive 8 hours of group supervision time over the course of the training, as well as input on special topics or areas of interest nominated by the training group, in relation to the application of Resource therapy to your skillset. Also, time will be devoted to ways in which Resource Therapy can be incorporated and blended, into your current clinical practice.

Upon the completion of the training, you will be awarded the Clinical Qualification Certificate in Resource Therapy and be welcomed into the community of mental health professionals who use this powerful therapy.

And of course your continuing professional development points will be complete for the year if relevant.

** Free Bonus Web Listing**

Once you have completed your training, you will be invited to list your resource therapy practice details on the Worldwide Directory of RT Therapists.

We look forward to seeing you at this exciting training event, which we know will be valuable for both you and your clients.

Warmest wishes,

 Philipa Thornton and Chris Paulin Advanced Clinical Certificate Trainers and Supervisors of Resource Therapy in Sydney NSW. International training available on request.  

Register your interest by emailing today: philipathornton@gmail.com,

Calling me now 0434 55 9011

Please see the Clinical Qualification Training program page.

The CQT program will enhance your therapeutic skills using Resource Therapy to effectively work with clients presenting with these and more DSM-5 disorders:

Anxiety, Phobias, Feeding and Eating Disorders, Panic Attacks, Pain Management, Depression, Complicated Grief, PTSD, Sleep Terror, OCD, Dissociative Identity Disorder, Substance-Related Disorders, Hoarding Disorder, Adjustment Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder (Social Phobia), Agoraphobia, Acute Stress disorder, Trauma Disorder, Body Dysmorphic Disorder, Somatic Symptom Disorders, Illness Anxiety Disorder.

You will also be equipped to address issues such as Self Empowerment, Interpersonal Relationship Issues, Personality Issues, Complex PTSD, Workaholism, Inner Conflict, Below Par Performance, Exam Failure, Procrastination, Low Self-Esteem, Public Speaking and Anger Management.

CPD Psychology Training in Resource Therapy Sydney

Come and join us for the Clinical Qualification Training in Resource Therapy, Sydney 2015 CPD

The CQT program is only open to suitably qualified or in the process of completing studies) health professionals, such GP’s, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Nurses, Counselors, Social Workers  and Clinicians etc.

The Prerequisite is completion of the Foundation Certificate in Resource Therapy.

Register Today by calling 0434 55 90 11






Hurry Early bird closes this Friday !

Please click here http://resourcetherapy.net.au/registration/ to ensure your place. Spaces strictly limited.




Congrats to the August Foundation Course Graduates

Please welcome psychologists and therapists newly introduced to Resource Therapy!

Join me and Chris Paulin in wishing them great success having completed their Foundation Certificate in RT in Sydney 1st August 2015.

Welcome new Resource Therapists 🙂

e Therapists with trainer Chris Paulin

Certified Resource Therapists – L-R Sandy, Kylie, Rachele and Sally with trainer Chris Paulin


Red roses for CPD

Red Roses for the newly inspired Resource Therapists Sydney 2015


Sydney Foundation Training Now 13 &14th November 2015

Resource Therapy Foundation Training

Due to popular demand we are happy to announce a new Foundation training opportunity in November 2015. We would love you to join us on the 13 & 14th of November in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney.

Want to know more on how to join us please visit by clicking this link: Foundation Training Information page.

And for more information on becoming a fully qualified clinical Resource Therapist please visit by clicking this link : Clinical Qualification Training program page.


Wow Professor Gordon Emmerson has just completed “Learn Resource Therapy Clinical Qualification Student Manual.”

This will accompany the Clinical Qualification in Resource Therapy training.

Please visit Resource Therapy International by clicking on the red text below.

I am taking order for the manual please contact me via email to order and for pricing philipathornton@gmail.com


Professor Gordon Emmerson Resource Therapy Student Manual

Professor Gordon Emmerson’s latest book – Learn Resource Therapy, Clinical Qualification Student Manual. Emmerson’s Ego State Therapy.


We have one final offering of Resource Therapy Foundation Training this year -Friday 13th November and 14th November Saturday, Sydney NSW.

Philipa Thornton Registered Psychologist & Certified Resource Therapy Trainer

Philipa Thornton, Psychologist & Certified by Dr Gordon Emmerson as a Certified Trainer & Advanced Resource Therapist

Early bird discounts available.

Participants completing this workshop will receive a Certificate of Attendance for 12 hours of continuing professional development.

The two day Foundation course is the prerequisite to the Clinical Qualification in Resource Therapy. The Clinical training begins 2016. Hurry to secure your place now.

Resource Therapy Foundation Training Graduates May 2015 Sydney

Meet the skilled therapists, counsellors & psychologists graduating Sydney Foundation Resource Therapy May 2015 Training


Welcome to Resource Therapy

Welcome to ResourceTherapy.net.au, the leading news, information and training website in Sydney, Australia on Resource Therapy.

Resource Therapy (Advanced Ego State Therapy) is a brief  Parts Therapy developed by Professor Gordon Emmerson. More info is available via our menus.


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