Resource Therapy Professional Training: Dates & Fees

Resource Therapy Clinical Training Schedule

This is Professor Gordon Emmerson’s official Resource Therapy training program as authorized by Resource Therapy International. Presented by Philipa Thornton and Chris Paulin, exclusively with special guest Gordon Emmerson Ph.D.

The full certification is a 10-day Clinical Resource Therapy Program, which upon completion and accreditation gives you the qualification and title Clinical Resource Therapist and a Resource Therapy International Find a therapist listing.

What does the course include?

Foundation Program (Day 1 & 2 of the 10-day Clinical)

Clinical Program (10 days which includes the 2-day Foundation program Days 1-10)

Advanced Clinical/ Train the Trainer Program (5 days ) Scroll down to the bottom page for 2024 training dates and to register

BALI Retreat Prefer a learning vacation? Click here for Bali June 2024 Registrations almost sold out, hurry act today to secure your seat.

Foundation Program

If you’re looking for an introduction to Resource Therapy?

Then the 2-day Foundation Program is perfect for you. Here we learn the fundamentals of RT, its historical origins, and core RT concepts. How the personality theory guides what and when each of the RT treatment protocols is applied. For the Parts therapy curious therapist.

The Foundation Program is a great way to start your journey as a Resource Therapist. The program gives you an overview of Resource Therapy and how it works so that you can begin applying it immediately in your practice.

Foundation Training Program

  • Dates announced soon

Clinical Program

Are you ready to get started? Yes!

If you’re a therapist who has seen clients fail with CBT or other talking approaches, then the Resource Therapy Clinical Program is for you. You’re committed with compassion and care to the healing profession and want to transform your practice with Parts Therapy.

The Clinical program teaches Parts therapy in working with clients’ presentations of anxiety, inadequacy, imposter syndrome, addictions, depression, pain, performance enhancement, existential angst, spirituality, working with couples, and how to respond when there are resistant Parts.

BALI Retreat Prefer to learn in person? Click here for Bali June 2024 Registrations only a few spots left.

Clinical Program Training Dates

Registrations are now open. Hurry as you don’t want to miss out on this game-changing therapy. Dates coming soon register your interest in Resource Therapy Training by signing up for the newsletter

Days 1 & 2 – ( Foundation Program)

Days 3 & 4

Days 5 & 6

Days 7 & 8

Days 9 & 10

Investment $.

Bring a friend discount just ask us.

Hurry limited ticket allocations are nearly sold out.

Clinical RT Program Refresher: For those of you who feel disconnected from RT, you had the training and used some of it but know you would benefit from a repeat. We have a special offer – return for another Clinical with us and pay only $1750.

Maybe you have previously trained in Ego State therapy and want to upgrade your skills to include Resource Therapy’s updated methods. As RT is often referred to as Advanced Ego State Therapy this is the program for you.

Leave burnout behind as you feel refreshed in this amazing and practical parts therapy approach. Imagine supporting your clients to their best selves and transformation in only a few sessions.

You can. When you are talking to the Part that is causing the disturbance and upset therapy progresses rapidly. You get to the root cause of the issue. Creating a new internal relationship with the past and future opportunities for people to live their full potential. If you have clients wanting transformational results then this training course is for you.

All the while offering genuine respect and real-world practical tools. Demand is high for effective change in this fast-paced world.

Don’t take our word for it, here’s what Amy said:

“Thank you Philipa and Chris for providing such a wonderful, supportive, and informative opportunity to deepen my knowledge and skills in Resource Therapy. As a therapist who works predominately in the area of relational trauma (complex PTSD), Resource Therapy became an obvious choice to pursue given its compassionate approach that is deeply respectful of the personality parts and allows us as Therapists to speak with the parts directly. ”

Amy Mental Health Social Worker, Accredited EMDR Consultant, Advanced Clinical Resource Therapist & Victims Services Counsellor.

RT works by identifying, reprocessing, memory reconsolidation, healing attachment issues, and strengthening our personality Parts, our Resources with compassion and respect to overcome emotional pain, trauma, dissociation, and a variety of other challenging client symptoms.

Unique skills for negotiation and working with conflict, undesired behavior, existential angst, complicated grief, and resistance alliancing. Resource Therapy ( RT) is a powerful parts therapy-focused treatment method. By getting to the root cause of the issue there’s a transformation and subsequently new relationship with the past and present.

Resource Therapy ( RT) teaches therapists and their clients a whole new level of acceptance and compassion, creating new opportunities where talking therapy has failed your clients.

While holding a sense of fun and aliveness as you and your client’s inner team gain clarity, Parts integration, inner peace, and harmony.

While it has a background in Ego State Therapy, Resource Therapy offers major advances with precision techniques, protocols, and structures for rapid therapeutic results.

RT teaches us to bypass the intellectual reporting state that shares the history and usually complains about the part involved with the issue. You learn how to work directly and compassionately with the personality part holding the unwanted emotional or behavioral issue.

Take away guesswork as you will have a roadmap for change. Guiding you through each step and process, allowing you to feel confident and competent in your therapeutic work.

This assists the therapist in sidestepping neocortical critical thinking left brain and accessing the deeper, subcortical emotional, and body-based parts of the brain as required.

In the Clinical program, you will learn how RT is effective for a wide variety of emotional, behavioral, and somatic conditions.

RT is an attachment-informed therapy that is particularly effective in helping to identify and heal the underlying trauma, which often contributes to anxiety, depression, relationship and attachment issues, addictions, eating disorders, phobias, and other behavioral and psychological conditions experienced by our clients.

As a strengths-based model, it can be used for peak performance and creativity in sports, and workplace situations such as public speaking.

This course will allow you to get up and running with the complete suite of quickly learned and applied Resource Therapy actions.

A perfect fit for EMDR Therapists, ACT Counsellors, Energy Psychologists, Somatic Psychotherapists, Clinical Psychologists, Doctors, Psychiatrists, Social Workers, NLP Practitioners, Occupation Therapists, and Clinical Hypnotherapists. Ego State Therapists welcome to update to the next level.

What’s included in the Clinical Program Package?

  • Interactive Learning Guide
  • All notes and your very own ‘cheat sheets.’
  • Resource Therapy Books – Resource Therapy Primer, Resource Therapy Student Manual, Resource Therapy the Complete Guide with Case Examples & Transcripts PDFs.
  • Six post-follow-up two-hour group supervision sessions with Psychology Board-approved Supervisor Philipa Thornton
  • Review recorded sessions available for 90 days
  • Over $895 of value is included in the Clinical Package.

Your Resource Therapy Trainers

Philipa and Chris are Master Resource Therapists with hundreds of hours of training and supervision with Professor Gordon Emmerson. Having run many Resource Therapy Training Workshops over the years. Philipa and Chris are Senior RT Supervisors.

We are amongst a select few, who meet Resource Therapy International’s strict criteria to qualify for running the Advanced Clinical Training in RT.

Click on the Download Registration button above to register and send your form to :

Email or Call +61 434 55 90 11 

In Europe or the Northern Hemisphere and want us to hold a workshop? Please drop me a line here:

Hear therapist Marjolein share her journey as a Clinical Resource Therapy Training Graduate

Resource Therapy is a complete stand-alone therapy, yet will fit into your existing tool kit.

Advanced Clinical/ Train the Trainer

Advanced Clinical/Train the Trainer 5 Days

Dates October 1,2,3 & 4 Time 2.30-9.30 pm Online Sydney AEST.

Dates Day 5 Train the Trainer October 11 Time change 3.30 – 9.30 pm AEDT

Register here: Please email or Call 0434 55 90 11  to register hurry spaces are strictly limited.

The Advanced Clinical and Train the Trainer Program is the highest level of Resource Therapy professional qualification. It is 4 days in applying Parts work with clients impacted with ADHD, Psychosis, Dissociative Identity Disorders, Organic, and Somatic Pain, and OPIs. Prerequisite to the Clinical program. Day five is where you share your experience with Resource Therapy.

The Advanced Clinical and Train the Trainer (TtT) offers 5 days of specialized focus where we review the Clinical program (great for a refresh, half the time double the value). Plus you can become a Resource Therapy Trainer and share your skills with others.

Master Class Program Schedule

Working effectively with Depression Applying the Vaded in Disappointment Protocol TBA Chris Paulin

Are you looking to learn more about how to work with depression?

Join us for this mastery program with Chris Paulin, Senior Clinical Resource Therapy Trainer, and Supervisor, as we explore the intricacies and art of working with states vaded in disappointment. You’ll learn how to apply the Vaded in Disappointment Protocol to the best effect and find out what’s beyond Find Resource Action x 2.

A key component when working with depression presentations is utilizing Retro State Negotiation. In this interactive seminar, you will learn from case presentations, your practice, and Chris’s expertise on how to maximize your effectiveness with these clients.

Plus an hour of group supervision – your videos or case presentations are welcomed. Prerequisites required please ask.

Registrations of interest are being taken please email me.

Leaving the Legacy of Trauma – Intergenerational Trauma Treatment Program

Trauma is passed down through generations, but it doesn’t have to be.

Resource Therapy can help you break the cycle of hurt, shame, and anxiety that comes with inherited trauma. We have methods for change and assisting the recovery process for clients with unhealed parental trauma, and family histories of genocide, war, disaster, and abuse survivors.

We use parts therapy to treat transgenerational trauma using a new Resource Therapy technique for working with the ancestors in service of metaphorical ‘healing’ of historical wounds.

Parts Therapies are an incredibly powerful modality for results. Expressions of interest are now open. Email or Call 0434 55 90 11 

Complex PTSD Online translated into German 2024 Zurich Switzerland

Complex Post-Trauma Stress Disorder (CPTSD) used to be thought of as uncommon. Not part of the DSM 5 manual, it has been incorporated into the ICD-11.

With CPTSD Parts of us can react with difficult feelings, spiraling anxiety or depression, unhelpful behaviors, hypervigilance, and potentially agoraphobia if we go through chronic and potentially ongoing traumatic experiences where we have felt as if our life or safety has felt threatened or that of others close to us.

We can experience intense fear, helplessness, and even horror.

While the events may have passed those with CPTSD are plagued with unresolved symptoms which may include flashbacks, intrusive thoughts, hyper-alertness, nightmares, bodily reactions, intense fear, anger, and avoidance. and other compensatory strategies. Truly limiting a person’s capacity to fully enjoy their life.

Resource Therapy techniques are specifically designed to work with our parts for empowerment. We target ‘stuck’ parts holding unresolved emotional angst, unhealthy symptoms, and unwanted behaviors gently and respectfully. Assisting clients to develop a sense of safety and capacity to be freer in themselves.

Sept 2024 Online hosted by Ego State Therapy just select English on the tab

Clinical Psychologist participant says :

I researched Parts Therapy on the web, I wanted to gain an in-depth knowledge of Resource Therapy. The trainers brought a wealth of clinical experience & knowledge to the training. The trainers were professional, respectful & held a lot of Resource Therapy knowledge & expertise. Resource Therapy is a powerful, trauma-informed therapy which is able to achieve positive outcomes quickly.”

Ben Clinical Psychologist and Resource Therapy Trainer

Sign up here: or Call 0434 55 90 11.

Foundation Certificate for Self-paced Learning.

Can’t attend on the day? Then you are welcome to secure access to our previously recorded live-streamed session for the Foundation Certificate for Self-paced Learning.

This program allows you in-depth Parts skills for life pattern transformation, full details here

I found you after Googling Parts Therapy. I recommend this training 100%. I wanted to know more about Parts Therapy and Googled it. Thank you for everything, I feel so inspired to help more people and happy my Resource Therapy knowledge to save lives, forever grateful.”

– Alice Counsellor / EMDR Therapist

Sponsorship places are available & the famous 50% second time repeat applies.

You will join the Resource Therapy community worldwide as a qualified Clinical Resource Therapist and be eligible for listing on the Resource Therapy International Website Find a Resource Therapist page. Essential for getting more clients coming to you wanting Resource Therapy.

Don’t take our word for it, here’s what other Resource Therapy Training Graduates say :

Mental Health Nurse “I chose to attend this course for emotional memory processing after learning about EMDR. Parts Therapy is a must-have, powerful for dissociation”

Loving learning our Parts Therapy and discovering your Resources? Then the Clinical Resource Therapy Certification is the next step in your learning.

NLP Coach attending “Impressed by clarity given. Compliments my therapy practice – It sounded good and was great.”

Clinical Hypnotherapist ” I liked the clarity given to each phase and giving examples and solutions. Their passion for RT is invaluable.”

Payment plans are available, please contact me to arrange yours today. Email or Call 0434 55 90 11  to discuss payment plans and register don’t delay spaces are limited.

Transgenerational Trauma Processing Using Resource Therapy Specialist Program

Leaving the Legacy of Trauma – chronic complex trauma. CPTSD. Unhelpful or downright dangerous life patterns clients or even ourselves playing out. The hurt story of our ancestor’s past ordeals repeating. Raised by those who have survived holocaust, colonization oppression, genocide, victimization, discrimination, slavery, war, racism, and abuse can lead us to be carrying the proverbial can – CPTSD.

Our health and well-being suffer. Relationships fail self-loathing sets in as we live out past life patterns.

What if we could access the ancestors’ wisdom and heal the past?

We certainly can with the Transgenerational Sensory Experience Memory TSEM protocol. You won’t want to miss this very special world-first parts therapy processing intergenerational trauma with Resource Therapy. Don’t take our word for it a participant shares

“Dear Philipa,
first of all, thank you for the great workshop, I really enjoyed it! You have such an interesting and lively way of presenting that it was easy to stay awake through the whole night! I‘m looking forward to gaining some experience with the new “tools“ you offered, thank you! “
Advanced Clinical Resource Therapist and Psychotherapist. C E

Prerequisite: Clinical Qualification in Resource Therapy.

Time zone not right? Then you are welcome to secure access to our downloadable live-streamed session. Join the workshop in your own time!

Parts Therapy with Borderline Personality Disorder & Complex PTSD Master Class

This specialty seminar is for advanced clinicians wanting to work successfully with complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Presenter Melanie Canning psychologist. Melanie has found success utilizing resource therapy with presentations that range from a clinical diagnosis of schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, anorexia, dissociative identity disorder, and borderline personality disorder, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression, drug and alcohol use, gambling, and other addictions. Now available as a recording. Please email or Call 0434 55 90 1

Register here: Please email or Call 0434 55 90 11 to gain access.

Level 1 Using Resource Therapy Working with Couples

Presenters Philipa Thornton & Chris Paulin – Husband and wife team who specializes in couple therapy in their busy private practice Marriage Works. Guys we know as we have worked on ours!

Create a vision for your relationship

Register your interest here: Please email or Call 0434 55 90 11 

Workshop Fees

Group discounts for 3 or more too.

All our workshops are available for previously trained Resource Therapists worldwide to refresh at a significantly discounted rate. Generous savings to be had so don’t miss out.

The second time around 50% discount on the program fee. The third time and subsequent a fee per day. A volunteer helper must be a Clinical Resource Therapist.

We all love to learn from each other. Delighted to have you join us. We reward action! So find your Doer Part and dive in with us.

Payment plans are available on request so you can secure your place.  Please register today by emailing

Online Workshops

All Resource Therapy Training – Foundation, Clinical, and Advanced Clinical Train the Trainer will be online for easy access.

Register your interest now: Please email or Call 0434 55 90 11  to discuss payment plans and register don’t delay spaces are limited.

Bali Workshop Special Package Deals

Join us in beautiful BaliUBUD for all your professional development points. Have fun in a tropical paradise while learning specialist trauma-informed skills for your therapy toolkit. Special package discount deals are available now, plan ahead, and we don’t want you to miss out and be disappointed. See the Resource Therapy Bali Training page here.

Cultural Bali Ubud Learning Resource Therapy
Cultural Bali Ubud Learning Resource Therapy annual training

Register here : Please email or Call 0434 55 90 11  to discuss payment plans and register don’t delay spaces are limited.

Professional Highly Qualified Certified Resource Therapy Trainers Psychologists

Philipa Thornton, Chris Paulin, and Yvette Allen run successful private practices in Australia. As experienced Resource Therapy Trainers, we have specialist expertise in Couple Therapy, Trauma-Informed Care, running a Therapy business, and working with Children and Adolescents.

Your Senior Trainers Philipa Thornton, Psychologist & President of Resource Therapy International, Chris Paulin Consultant Psychologist NSW, and Yvette Allen Master NLP practitioner, clinical hypnotherapist, and counselor bring you proven field experience and encouraging support in learning this amazing parts therapy./

Come learn from Master practitioners in Resource Therapy. This model is perfectly suited to fit in with your existing skill set whether you are trained in EMDR, Brainspotting, Energy Psychologists, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Clinical Hypnosis, Havening, NLP, Coaching, Somatic Experiencing, DBT, CBT, REBT, Mindfulness, ACT, Sensorimotor Therapy, Systemic Therapy. You will benefit from Resource Therapy’s powerful protocols easily adapted for your creativity to flourish.

Ubud Resource Therapy Training.
Be a master of Resource Therapy  in the clinical Training workshops
Beautiful Bali, learn by day relax by night in this peaceful tropical paradise with your loved one.

Our practice demands a deep psychological toolbox and continuing professional up-to-date practices.

Resource Therapy (RT) provides an easy-to-follow system much like a roadmap. Being Trauma-informed and strength-based it is grounded in sound psychological principles.

RT is adaptable and fits in nicely with your current therapy practice skillset. Whether it is Art Therapy, ACT, DBT, CBT, EMDR, Mindfulness, Somatic Experiencing, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Havening, NLP, Hypnosis any other useful approach you already use.

So you will have your pathway to map out and work with your client’s goals. Be sure on how to tackle their anxiety, depression, PTSD,  Addictions, Grief, loss, and Shame. Plus so much more!

Shame, self hatred and guilt are dealt with easily using Resource Therapy's vaded in confusion protocol.

Know how to deal with your client’s most difficult issues and get past the trauma. Can you imagine the safety and security of this feeling? I got this, I know what steps and directions to take to get my clients to their destination. Why not learn the secrets? Come join us! Remember We Reward Action!

At our highly practical and interactive workshop,  you will learn innovative techniques for resourcing your clients and facilitating their desired results in therapy. Totally empowering and you can see why it’s a strength-based approach.

The Resource Therapy methods will be immediately useful and effective for your clinical practice. THIS COURSE IS PRACTICAL AND EXTREMELY USEFUL IN GETTING YOU UP AND RUNNING WITH THESE TECHNIQUES.

Please note that your registration will only be complete, once full payment has been received. While your payment is outstanding, we are unable to guarantee your place. Payment can be made via internet banking or credit card.

Payment plans are available!  We want to help you, truly.  Please ask me – Philipa 0434 559011 or email me

Please register by : email now


Learn Resource Therapy
Learn Resource Therapy

Resourcing Your Clients.  Trauma-informed Psychotherapy. The Foundation Program for Therapists in Resource Therapy ( 2 day workshop)

This is the introductory course, a prerequisite to the complete clinical training.Register Now by calling 0434 55 90 11 now or emailing

Resource Therapy Foundation Training Graduates May 2015 Sydney

Meet the skilled therapists, counselors & psychologists graduating from the Sydney Foundation Resource Therapy May 2015 Training

Presenters: Philipa Thornton is the Executive Director of the Resource Therapy Institute and President of Resource Therapy International.

Philipa Sydney-based psychologist and clinical supervisor running Marriage Works a busy private practice in the Eastern Suburbs. Chris Paulin is the Clinical Director of the Resource Therapy Institute and Coordinator of Training at the Resource Therapy International the peak body of Resource Therapy. Chris is a child and family consultant psychologist. Between them, they have over half a century of clinical expertise and field-proven experience. Yvette Allen has joined our efforts and we are excited to have Yvette training with us. Her website can be viewed here Yvette Allen .

CPD activities for mental health professionals: 12 Active CPD hours.

Resource Therapy live client demonstration

Resource Therapy trainer Philipa Thornton working with a participant volunteer. 

Seeing a  live ‘client’ demonstration shows you exactly ‘how’ the therapy works to transform your client’s distress.  We find being the client with your own real-life issue a powerful teaching experience and it gives you the opportunity to experience RT’s benefits. It’s great if you can participate wholeheartedly.

More on Resource Therapy

Resource Therapy is a brief trauma-aware, Attachment infomred Parts model, developed by Dr Gordon Emmerson from his extensive knowledge and experience in Ego State Therapy. Resource Therapy (also known as Advanced Ego State Therapy) gives the therapist easily accessible treatment protocols to address the causal factors that bring clients into our therapy rooms.

Come and learn how RT effectively treats the big 7 Emotions our clients present with – Fear, Anger,  Grief, Hurt, Disappointment, Confusion & Shame.

Resource Therapy is designed to treat most DSM-5 diagnoses – Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Complex PTSD, OCD, Eating Disorders, Addictions, Attachment Disorders, Panic Disorder, Phobias, and Personality issues. It also effectively addresses Chronic Fatigue, Pain Management, Somatic Conditions, Relationship Issues, Performance, and Creative Blocks, Sports Psychology, Complicated Grief and Loss, and much more.

As helping professionals we know it is essential to deliver rapid and effective therapeutic change in today’s modern clinical practice world. The latest research tells us we must make a difference in the first few sessions, otherwise, clients leave therapy early. We need to make the magic happen with real results rapidly.

Save your clients time
Save the Date! Resourcing Client’s workshops coming to you.

Our clients also expect their work with therapists and other mental health professionals will bring positive results quickly and with long-lasting change,

Resource Therapy provides you a blueprint with simple solutions of targeted interventions and techniques designed to support your scaffold onto your skillset. Resource Therapy offers a productive strengths-based approach that empowers clients rapidly to reach their desired goals using the latest advances in neuroscience click here to learn more.

If you want a busy private practice, based on your satisfied clients’ word-of-mouth referrals, then Resource Therapy is a must for your professional toolbox, it will fit in so easily with your existing knowledge and experience.

Resource Therapy (RT) is not only the most effective tool I have come across in treating trauma, it also appears to be less painful and stressful to the client. For me, Resource Therapy is a fun process.

What would it be like to hear clients reporting they are feeling lighter and feeling calmer after dealing with emotional distress and trauma?  I can say this feels rewarding to hear.

This will be especially relevant to EMDR practitioners, Brain Spotters, EFTers, and those dealing daily with complex PTSD.

These are the results that I keep hearing from clients and the reason I value RT as a wonderful psychological treatment for our client’s most challenging clinical presentations.

Resource Therapy has clear action protocols and simply applied techniques working toward your the client’s desired outcome in therapy. Want an easily learned roadmap, so you know exactly how to deal with your client’s problems? RT is the answer.

Easily learned and applied.

Philipa here saying hello and welcome, glad you are reading this page, thank you!

I have had training in many psychotherapies – Narrative Therapy, Solution Focussed, Mindfulness, ACT, Systemic Couple Therapy, CBT, EMDR, REBT, Schema Therapy, DBT, and many more. RT fits in and adapts easily to all of these models.

Being very practical and wanting to get results while assisting my clients with their goals and changes, means I now rely on Resource Therapy as my go-to approach in treating most client issues.

Resource Therapy fits in nicely with so many of your existing skills. It allows your creativity to flourish in your therapy toolbox.

Add it to your Acceptance & commitment therapy, Mindfulness-based CBT, EMIT, EFT, NLP, Havening, Gestalt Therapy, EMDR, Ego State Therapy, Internal Family Systems Therapy, Brief Psychodynamic Therapy, CBT Imaginal Re-scripting, Voice Dialogue, Systemic Therapy. Solution-Focused Therapy, Transactional Analyses, and Sensorimotor Psychotherapies.

Can’t make these dates subscribe for the next workshops on offer straight to your inbox

 Register here by contacting:   

Philipa Thornton at 0434 55 90 11 now or Yvette Allen at 0411 407 149  to reserve your place now.  Or Email: now.

Please visit  Resource Therapy International for in-depth information on Resource Therapy. This is the official website for Resource Therapy built by founder Professor Gordon Emmerson and his lovely wife Anna Emmerson.

Chris, Yvette, and I are colleagues and close friends of Gordon Emmerson, I am happy to say.

Be Inspired!

esource Therapy Counselling can help both your inner and outer world.
Resource Therapy Counseling can help both your inner and outer world.

Excited to find out where can this training take you.

Please see here the Clinical Qualification exclusive to the Resource Therapy Institute Australia – Please click the  link now for your opportunity  – Clinical Qualification and Training Other therapists

18 Replies to “Resource Therapy Professional Training: Dates & Fees”

  1. I can’t seem to work out how to register for the foundation course. I have found the fees and dates but not the online form.
    Please can you advise before the places are gone.



    1. Due to increasing demand we are running another Foundation Training on the 13 and 14 of November this year.
      We would love to have you join us.
      Thanks for your interest and we look forward to meeting you.

  2. Hi Philipa
    Can’t seem to find the online registration . Called yesterday to book a place in the August
    Level 2 training. Can I pay by installments? My website under construction but it will be as below

    1. Hi Charmaine, thanks for your interest, RT as a parts therapy is a game changer!
      The starter course is the two-day Foundation training. The best way to keep updated with the latest news and dates is by signing up for the newsletter. And see this page Dates of next RT ProgamsOnline definitely with the hope for in-person if you are near the Randwick Sydney area.
      Let me know if I can help you in any way :))
      Thanks PHilipa

  3. Hi! I was wondering when the next online foundation course will be offered? Looks like I found you too late for the most recent one! Also what is the price for the course?
    Thanks for your assistance!
    Continued Blessings!

    1. Hi Lo,
      Oh sorry to have missed you!
      Thanks for your interest love to have you join us next time. Please watch this space and if you sign up for the newsletter you will know all the details.
      And blessings to you and the good work you do!
      Regards Philipa

    2. Dear Lo,
      oh dear, so sorry you missed out! We would love to have you join us online next time. Please sign up for the newsletter, follow the blog and you will receive the latest updates hot off the press.
      Blessings to you too,
      Warmest Regards Philipa

    1. Hi Steve,
      thanks ever so much for your interest in our Resource Therapy training online. We have one more Foundation the first two days of the Clinical starting later this year. Please see RT Therapy Training Dates
      Or sign up for the newsletter for the latest.
      Can’t wait to meet you soon! Best
      wishes Philipa

    1. Hi Elvis, appreciate your comment, we will be listing our last Foundation for the year soon. It will be in the last part of the year. Please sign up to the newsletter for the updates.
      Warmest regards and thanks for your interest in training with us.

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