Meet the Class of August 2019 Foundation Graduates

We have wonderful new and experienced Resource Therapy Foundation graduates from our August workshop. Here they are:

Foundationf funnys shot for Resource Therapy Foundation training class Aug 2019
Meet Emma. Linda, Cathy, Chris, Philipa, Alice and Nathan. Doing our leg shots – thanks Heath!
Foundation shot for Resource Therapy Foundation training class Aug 2019
Foundation therapists from Resource Therapy Foundation training class Aug 2019, with Heath who’s come along for a refresher.

Chris and I love running the Foundation training. There is something special about our first introduction to Resource Therapy’s treatment system. RT has a solid theory backing up its protocols. One of the most magical moments for me is when our lovely participants get to see a live demonstration of RT in action. I personally feel its both a privilege and an honour to help people overcome unwanted emotions and behaviours. It’s life changing for all concerned.

While our courageous therapy participants have the benefit of an RT session, they are also supporting their professional colleagues. Naturally the clinicians watching the demonstration they gain solid exposure to a new system and hear from the clients perspective. The value of client feedback cannot be underestimated.

Unfortunately Yvette could not join us this time around. She has a great excuse. Her daughter got married last weekend. Congratulations Nicki and Karl, wishing you all the happiness in the world !

congratulatons to the happy couple!
Congratulations to the happy couple!

Curiously both her daughter and new husband are also Clinically Trained Resource Therapists, having completed all 10 day’s training in Resource Therapy.

Super inspiring to meet fellow therapists from a range a clinical backgrounds with vast experience. We had mental health professionals with EMDR , Schema Therapy , Hypnosis, NLP, Somatic Experiencing, Suicide Prevention and Couple Therapy knowledge and training.

Special offer to revisit Resource Therapy for you. Email to find out more

You will note we have a ‘refresher’ in the group. The wonderful Heath, who could not attend last years Clinical .

We offer a ‘refresh’ to come and repeat the training with us. Or if you have done it elsewhere. You may want to reconnect with the ideas having had more practice or are going on to complete Clinical. Perhaps you want to re-familiarize yourself with the concepts of Resource Therapy and see a live demo. Special discounts apply please ask.

The Foundation training in Resource Therapy is available to the general public as introduction. You will learn more about yourself, others. How your to build your work and social relationships . It’s beneficial to know your skills and strengths and use them for their highest good. Your inner Resources are a valuable asset in your life!

So welcome, Cathy, Heath, Emma, Nathan, Alice, Linda and a special mention to Evi for her valued day one.

Thanks for making the training the special time it was! The journey continues. I have one last spot for the Clinical dates here Hurry first to contact me gets in!

Join us on the learning journey, Resource Therapy Training Workshops Australia. Brought to you by Resource Therapy Institute Australia
Join us on the learning journey, Resource Therapy Training Workshops Australia. Brought to you by Resource Therapy Institute Australia

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