The Resourceful Therapist Episode 1 with Bill Hyatt replay here!

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Hello everyone, apologies for the delay in getting this replay out to you. Have had some health struggles but am now free and clear with most of it. Thankfully!

My wonderful video editor said he was captured by Bill’s talk so much he watched on fascinated.

We hope you will be too.

Bill shares his Resource Therapy adventures and I love his innovative use of the body in the Empowerment protocol. I am adding it to my teaching of RT. Clients have told me how this enhanced their sense of safety and connection with themselves.

The YouTube replay link for The Resourceful Therapist channel Bill Hyatt Interview:

Amazing stuff!

As a shout out to Bill here is how you can contact him directly for your Resource Therapy appointment at the official Resource Therapy International site here Bill Hyatt

I know you will in super capable and caring ‘hands’ there, as he works online.

Bill is a certified Resource Therapy trainer. Maybe you would like to enhance your skills too?

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If you are a Clinically trained Resource Therapist you are welcome to join us for the very first online training of the Advanced Clinical / Train the Trainer Program starting 23rd November enrolments now open.

Please reach out to me here register here: or Call 0434 55 90 11 Hurry spaces limited.

Find out more on this Mastery program here:

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