6 Ways to Maintain a Steady Flow of Clients & Remain Productive in Uncertain Times

Going online you can assist your clients and keep yourself financially alive in these times of uncertainty.

Hi guys we are in a time of world change with widespread implications for health practitioners. I guarantee there are many clients who need your assistance now more than ever.

Here are some ideas for keeping your therapy business alive and well in these uncertain times.

  1. If you haven’t already, head online and offer internet or phone counseling sessions. Now is the time to get yourself tech-savvy and offer face to face sessions in safety over the internet. There are many options – Facetime, Skype, Whatsapp and Zoom are available. Check your necessary security requirements, as per your professional association recommendations. I am using Zoom which offers one on one online therapy sessions as part of their free account.
  2. Offer session package deals to celebrate your new online provision. Say three sessions for the investment of two when paid upfront in advance.
  3. Provide Covid discounts. It’s better to support and see a client who most needs you through job loss or other stresses by offering a sliding scale. Psychologists can bulk bill financially challenged people.
  4. Create free resources – it’s a perfect opportunity in quieter times to get your creative parts out. Make postcards, info sheets with your special touch to send out to your clients via text or email. You can build a series of useful tools for clients. Be imaginative – ie your essential emotional survival kit for the Coronavirus in uncertain times. Actually I’d recommend good old snail mail to send your info kits out. Reaching out in this way will be so touching.
  5. Touch base with your past clients with a hello and letting them know about your new safety service provisions, that you’re there for them and your best regards. You might want to send them your new resources too.
  6. Time to file and sort out your office. In this downtime it’s a chance to catch up on the admin side of our businesses. My filing cabinets definitely need clearing and cleansing. Marie Kondo office cleaning here we come.
Fist bumps all round as we care and support each other in the covid19 crisis

We are in this together and we will get through this. I am loving the increased kindness and community support.

I would love to hear your thoughts, please drop a comment in the box below. Perhaps you can offer your tips on how your therapy business is adapting to help others?

Building Your Therapy Business

Building your Resource Therapy Business Master Class

Hello brilliant therapists. I know you are truly committed to your clients and want to help them live their best lives. So beautiful and kind of you.

We learn a great deal in our degrees, our psychotherapy courses, counselling training to support our clients.

What we didn’t learn was how to run a successful business. These are a set of skills not often taught in grad schools. Most of us learn as we go.

Sadly sometimes great therapists fail to get themselves out there.

It shouldn’t be so hard right? We don’t have to go back to school for years.

I will let you in on a secret – you can learn a great deal in just one day.

At the Resource Therapy Institute as part of our annual Bali training schedule we are super excited to announce – How to start your Resource Therapy Business.

It’s not just for those starting out. Or only for Resource Therapists – it’s open to all health and well being practitioners.

It’s also for those who are already in business and want to get to the next level.

Join us in July – it’s wonderful trip to Bali and trust me your accountant will support these expenses.

How to Start Your Resource Therapy Business 1 day

  • 15 July Ubud Bali 2020
    • Presenter Tracy Lynch

You have a lot to offer your clients, you’ve trained and spent a great deal of time, effort and money to help people past their problems.

Yet being a good therapist does not translate into running a successful, counselling practice ,where you earn a decent and honorable living doing what you love.

A great therapist must have a good business head and heart
A great therapist must have a good business head and heart

Get the inside tips from someone who’s doing it well.

Avoid the costly mistakes and learn simple tricks of the trade to business management.

Tracy runs a busy group practice in New Castle – Thrive Hub Wellness. She knows exactly what it takes to thrive in a successful counselling business.

This is an essential Specialty class for any therapist wanting to see and help more clients.

Details here on the Bali package page to escape winter. https://resourcetherapy.com.au/bali/

My best Blog Articles of 2019 -Resource Therapy Institute Australia

Join us in the pool for Bali Training

As the new year begins, I thought it might be nice to reflect on some of the best, most well received articles from the past year.

I have gone through the archives and found articles that gained positive feedback or were particularity powerful and interesting. Hopefully you’ll find a few old favourites here and come across something new to inspire you out there in therapy land.

Vaded States live in a prison of low self worth, anxiety and shame. Resource Therapy heals and promotes internal value.

Rejection can have us trapped in self doubt, low self esteem and feelings of being unlovable or not good enough thoughts. These are parts of the personality we treat with the Vaded in Rejection protocol https://resourcetherapy.com.au/vaded-in-rejection-series-video-3-now-up-on-youtube/

Venture into Youtube with the Vaded State Series, here you will learn valuable concepts in treating guilt, shame, pain and anxiety. https://resourcetherapy.com.au/the-vaded-state-series-now-up-on-youtube/

States Vaded in Fear are often the cause of most phobias, general anxiety and PTSD find out more here https://resourcetherapy.com.au/the-vaded-state-series-now-up-on-youtube/

Bali is BACK ON! Come and join us for the fun in the sun. Learn Resource Therapy https://resourcetherapy.com.au/bali-2020-tropical-paradise-tax-break-professional-development/

Bali is amazing for learning Resource Therapy
Bali is amazing for learning Resource Therapy

I was so moved by Jess Hill’s book on domestic violence “See What You Made Me Do” I had to write of her wisdom here https://resourcetherapy.com.au/six-ways-women-who-stay-reason-away-leaving-violent-partners/

Trapped in vicious cycles Resource Therapy Can help you change

On a lighter note we welcomed more beautiful Clinical Resource Therapists into the fold here https://resourcetherapy.com.au/congratulations-to-the-super-team-of-magic-therapists/

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The Power of Parts Therapy cannot be overestimated. Elton’s John’s biopic Rocketman really illustrates this read more here https://resourcetherapy.com.au/how-elton-johns-rocketman-brings-our-parts-to-life/

The original Rocketman Elton John as played by Taren Egerton is amazing!
The original Rocketman Elton John as played by Taren Egerton is amazing!

This is a must know for all trauma therapists – the ACE Study read about it here https://resourcetherapy.com.au/how-many-aces-do-your-clients-hold/

The Adverse Childhood Events study is a mustknow for all mental health clinicians.
The Adverse Childhood Events study is a must know for all mental health clinicians.