Get to Know Your Retro’s

Hello, here’s the latest installment on The Resourceful Therapist Podcast – Retro Avoiding States presented by Trina Prichard. A must-see for anyone working with addictions, eating disorders, rage, workaholism, shopaholism, intellectualism, OCD presentations and anxiety.

Common in these stressful times. Have fun learning!

Parts Therapy Supervision Circle Returns February 2021

Save the dates the Super Circle – Online Group Supervision is back.

A friendly forum for Resource Therapists and those interested in psychology and parts therapy. Monthly meetings of two dedicated hours for a focus on you and your client practice.

Please join us for connection, inspiration, mentoring, and professional development in a warm, fun, inspiring, and supportive supervision circle. And all online from the comfort of your space.

Philipa’s Monday PM Super Circle for Resource Therapists

Monday 22 February 2021

Sydney Time 3pm – 5pm

Philipa’s Fridays AM Super Circle for Resource Therapists

Friday 19 February

Sydney Time 9.30 am -11.30 am

You will be welcome to confidentially discuss cases, bring all your questions, curiosities and videos for review. We may have topical sessions for focus ie diagnosis, working with Complex PTSD, etc. Group directed. We send out a Zoom invite to pop in your calendar.


Investment $ 90 plus GST per session. Invoice sent after your attendance.

Not seeing as many clients as you are capable of? You are welcome to join at a reduced rate. Sponsorship places available at no charge, please ask.

Register here:

Email or Call 0434 55 90 11 

Your supervisor is Philipa Thornton is a Psychology Board accredited Supervisor of Psychologists and a Senior Resource Therapist Consultant. An easy way to meet our professional development needs. Love to have you join us for the fun, connection, and inspiration.

It’s a great way to maintain a connection with the Resource Therapy Community and meet some wonderful caring therapists from the safety and sanctuary of your space.

Resource Therapy Training in Sydney with Psychologist Philipa Thornton Vice President of Resource Therapy International the official site for Resource Therapy
Welcome Resource Therapy Nov 2019 Graduates Blast from the past!

Free Journalling Gift for You 😍

The written word is powerful. Especially our own, when it comes to releasing and reflecting.. It’s totally within our control and best of all free!

When our writing part shares our journey on the page we process and make meaning of our actions, reactions, and our lives. Scrawling our thoughts, doodling, drawing decompresses.

What better way to foster self care and compassion.

Research supports handwritten notes are powerful in processing our experiences. Super cool, I googled and found this New York Times article on journaling. It even mentions a New Zealand study, as a kiwi, gotta love that.

S create some sacred space for you, set aside some time with a beautiful notebook which inspires. From the beautiful folk at Intrinsic here’s a lovely free gift to encourage your journaling journey. Click and it will open.

Bring out your journaling part for your growth and healing.
Bring out your journalist part for your growth and healing.