5 Crippling Emotions RT Reprocesses Rapidly

Trapped in behind the bars of emotional distress. Resource Therapy has simple system to free you!

While CBT is useful for dealing with unhelpful thoughts, Resource Therapy is spectacular in healing Fear, Anxiety, Extreme Anger, Hurt, Grief, Shame and Disappointment.

Don't let Sadness hold you back. Puppy Love!
Don’t let Sadness hold you back. Puppy Love!

As we know fear can cripple us.

It traps us.

Escape crippling emotions today. Find a trained Resource Therapist near you and get results fast.
Escape crippling emotions today. Find a trained Resource Therapist near you and get results fast.

Keeping us locked inside our homes, our hearts and our minds. Anxiety threatens us daily – how good would it be to be free of this chronic condition?

We can have unhealthy anger and rage. Research tells us it is good to express our emotions. Yet erupting as a volcano heightens not only our blood pressure but those around us. Creating a fearful environment where loved walk on eggshells.

Hurt can stop us from finding love and healthy relationships.

We stay home Saturday night again.


Doggone it, Depression sucks. Resource Therapy works to resolve disappointment.

Filled with hungry longing and a nagging loneliness.

We are born to share our worlds and hearts with others.

Grief can sneak up and trap us in a sadness spiral. We are left not knowing or have unanswered or unresolved relationships. Tears flood.

We feel stuck in this loop unable to move to a healthier connection with our past, weighted down in the if only’s, the what it’s, I should have’s.

Shame as we know from Brene Brown’ TedX talks are the silent epidemic of our modern age.

Secretly behind many forms of broken behavior. Resource Therapy gently confronts Shame and Guilt head on. Years of pain relieved rapidly and respectfully.

Don't drown in disappointment - help is at hand with Resource Therapy's powerful protocols
Don’t drown in disappointment – help is at hand with Resource Therapy’s powerful protocols

Disappointment orginates from those cognitive distortions we hold. Where our expectations have taken a plunge. We feel like a failure through job loss, relationship breakdown, redundancy, business failure. This emotion weights us down like a diving belt. Submerging us from life. We drown in plain sight.

Resource Therapy gives us an easily learnt framework for treating these emotions. You will know exactly what steps to take when your clients are disabled by these unhelpful emotions.

Rapid Results from Resource Therapy

In a little of five minutes I share with you how Resource Therapy gets results on the 5 crippling emotions when they overwhelm us. Here’s the YouTube from my Resource Therapy Channel just click the link to go there now:


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Free your spirit and run with your mates. Fearless and Fun
Free your spirit and run with your mates. Fearless and Fun

Vaded In Fear Resource Therapy Actions on YouTube

Near death experience or seeing one can result in PTSD - Resource Therapy offers effective treatment

Welcome to May, gorgeous autumn here in Sydney.

Here is the next video in the Vaded State series – dealing with Resources States Vaded in Fear and how this assists them to return to their Normal condition and be free from the past.

The Resource Therapy Actions involved in Vaded in Fear work are applicable to dealing with PTSD, Addictions, Dissociation, Imposter Syndrome, Generalized Anxiety, OCD, Phobia’s and Panic attacks. Although there may be more involved and you may require the Vaded in Rejection series coming up soon. These are taught on the Foundation Training workshop – Resourcing our Clients come and learn for yourself!

 States Vaded in Fear are those state that surface with old emotions related to a past event that do not match the present situation and can be overwl=hleming.
Vaded in Fear and Vaded in Rejection Resource states are often stuck in the past and we need to help them heal in the present. Resource Therapy teaches us how to effectively get results for clients.

Here I am discussing how to use the Resource Therapy Vaded in Fear protocol.

If you are in Sydney I will be presenting a workshop at the Randwick Mental Health Professionals Network May 13th 6pm-8m on working with States Vaded in Confusion – healing traumatic bereavement whilst aiding in the repair of guilt and shame. Please send me an email philipathornton@gmail.com and I will add you to the registration – YOU must Register as places strictly limited and it’s expected to sell out! It’s free and so great value and professional points and networking with other therapists.

Happy 2019 from the Resource Therapy Institute of Australia!


Welcome to the new year, 2019. It promises to be another exciting year for Resource Therapy’s progress. We will be doing our usual Bali trip to support Gordon and Anna’s training in gorgeous Ubud. Mt Agung stay calm please!

The view from Cafe Indus, where Chris and I go fro a dance in Ubud, Bali. Please come and join us!
Beautiful Bali Jungle

We are off the United Kingdom, so will be in London and England for August 2019. Happy to meet up with you and have a chat. Please email us. Love to catch up with the European family

We will be giving some educational talks on Resource Therapy, so get on the mailing list.

Yvette and I  will be popping in an abstract for the 70th Anniversary Australian Hypnotherapists Association World Conference 2019 Brisbane.

70th Anniversary Australian Hypnotherapists Association World Conference 2019 Brisbane
Hope to see you there!

And we will have new Resource Therapy training dates soon for you. All the best and thank you for your interest in Resource Therapy.