Meet Yvette Allen Clinical Resource Therapist & Trainer

Welcome we had the amazing Yvette join me on the Resourceful Therapist. True to form a delightful interview. Yvette brings her unique mix of skills including being a Master NLP practitioner having trained with the late Tad James. Hear her take on Timeline Therapy as compared to RT’s Empowerment Protocol. She’s an accomplished certified clinical hypnotist, trained in Havening and much more as you will hear.

You can find Yvette here or join us at one of our next training online. Please drop a comment below if you would be interested in Yvette’s program an intro to NLP for Resource Therapists ( working title).

Thank you for watching,

Yours in service, Philipa

Small Revision to Clinical Dates

Hi guys
Just having to do a quick change for day 5 & 6  dates
Day 3 & Day 4 : August 29 & 30

Day 5 & Day 6 : September 19 & 20 ( This was going to be the 11/12th)

Day 7 & Day 8 : September 26 & 27

Day 9 & Day 10: October 10 & 11

More news on why this change came about soon !

Photo by Jeffery Erhunse on Unsplash

Beautiful Inspiration Colouring In Sheets for Printing

Hello from lock down land Sydney. We are with you, as we are all in this together, sending love and healing vibes.

Loneliness can be tough for ourselves and our clients. The wonderful folks at Intrinsic are offering free printable colouring pages to indulge your artistic creativity. So let your Art part out to play, your kids our your clients, see below and click on the link text Hold hope in Your Heart to visit the whole collection and have fun. Love to see your pictures.

Wishing you all the best,

Yours in Service Philipa