You’re invited! Calling all Clinical Resource Therapists for Advanced Parts Therapy Training

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At the Resource Therapy Institute Australia we are dedicated to Professor Gordon Emmerson’s vision of sharing this healing heart centred therapy he has pioneered.

Those how know me, know I am not being one to blow my own trumpet, I am also Vice President of Resource Therapy International and Chris Paulin is Clinical Training Director. We have been helping Gordon and Anna run the annual Bali training since it began.

It has been a real honor to be offered the opportunity by Gordon and Anna to keep the Resource Therapy training workshops running in UBUD Bali.

Bali Resource Therapy Workshop group

We plan to make it an annual event, so every year around June/July you will find great fun and fabulous trauma informed parts therapy in a tropical paradise. Next year let us know if you’d like an opportunity to practice your training skills by running a day. Or perhaps you have a specialty Resource Therapy skill you’d like to offer as a specialist workshop. There is a thought of NLP and its applications with Resource Therapy. Please send me an email.

Here is the Ubud training on offer here

The awesome thing is you get to learn while in a heavenly space, with lovely hotels and divine food. Happy to make recommendations! Just ask me for our local favourites.

Sometimes due to kids, work or life commitments an overseas trip for learning isn’t possible. This is why we offer training in Sydney.


This course is especially relevant to those who have completed their Clinical training is the Advanced Clinical Train the Trainer. Perhaps you did the training a while ago and like me took up some of the ideas but needed some more input on how to implement Parts Therapy into your practice. Or you found it useful with clients you used it with but felt as if you were missing some vital parts. You know safety is paramount in working as a trauma informed Resource Therapist and wanted to learn more on this. The Advanced Clinical & Train the Trainer is the answer.

This is a five day review of the Clinical and dive down further into using Resource Therapy with conditions like ADHD, Psychosis, Complex PTSD, PTSD, Depression, Anxiety and Pain Management. All totally applicable to psychologists, social workers, therapists and all other emotional healers out there.

Discover the Power of Parts Therapy
Discover the Power of Parts Therapy Resource Therapy Institute Australia

Find out more on this training here :

Do you, or Would You Like to Work with Children & Adolescents ?

Happy children have happy parents helping Resource Thearpy

Are you a therapist who sees young people? Resource Therapy will help you.

Perhaps you have attended Resource Therapy Training and you are inspired to use your skills working our younger generation, this training is for you.

who hasn't parented exactly as they like - Resource Therapy can help you

Or maybe you are a parent, probably a mental health professional and like us all have struggled at times to maintain our best parenting selves?

We have the answer. Join us at the Resource Therapy Institute for our annual Bali retreat where we are running a Specialty 2 day workshop –

Using Resource Therapy with Children and Adolescents 2 days

  • 16/17 July Bali 2020
    • Presenter Tracy Lynch

This specialty workshop is aimed at anyone who deals with children and teenagers regularly. We are super excited to have Tracy Lynch – parent, counsellor, clinical hypnotherapist and childrens’ book author to present this 2 day workshop in Bali this year.

BEiing a kid is tough learn how best to work with children as a health professional
Being a kid is tough learn how best to work with children as a health professional

Gain valuable experience, build your confidence and learn practical skills for your life and your private practice by helping the next generation.

Teenagers need a lot of love and guidance, learn how to support them with Resource Therapy

Here’s the link to the Bali page scroll down for full details

TIP: Please be advised here at the RT Institute we advocate for young people’s safety and well being. All mental health professionals who work with children and adolescents by law must apply for the Working with Children Check in your State please see below for your Australian State link. It’s often an employee requirement for many services.

In private practice it’s highly recommended and usually a requirement from your professional association. It’s pretty straightforward to apply and costs approximately $100 plus or minus and lasts for a period of years.

Here’s the NSW one . The Victorian application form Western Australia here’s yours South Australia yours is And last but certainly not least Northern Territory http://mergency/community-safety/apply-for-a-working-with-children-clearance

Thanks for reading and please pass this information on to others who work in the field who may benefit.

Yours Gratefully Philipa

My best Blog Articles of 2019 -Resource Therapy Institute Australia

Join us in the pool for Bali Training

As the new year begins, I thought it might be nice to reflect on some of the best, most well received articles from the past year.

I have gone through the archives and found articles that gained positive feedback or were particularity powerful and interesting. Hopefully you’ll find a few old favourites here and come across something new to inspire you out there in therapy land.

Vaded States live in a prison of low self worth, anxiety and shame. Resource Therapy heals and promotes internal value.

Rejection can have us trapped in self doubt, low self esteem and feelings of being unlovable or not good enough thoughts. These are parts of the personality we treat with the Vaded in Rejection protocol

Venture into Youtube with the Vaded State Series, here you will learn valuable concepts in treating guilt, shame, pain and anxiety.

States Vaded in Fear are often the cause of most phobias, general anxiety and PTSD find out more here

Bali is BACK ON! Come and join us for the fun in the sun. Learn Resource Therapy

Bali is amazing for learning Resource Therapy
Bali is amazing for learning Resource Therapy

I was so moved by Jess Hill’s book on domestic violence “See What You Made Me Do” I had to write of her wisdom here

Trapped in vicious cycles Resource Therapy Can help you change

On a lighter note we welcomed more beautiful Clinical Resource Therapists into the fold here

PTSD, is such a common presentation in my rooms some useful tips here

The Power of Parts Therapy cannot be overestimated. Elton’s John’s biopic Rocketman really illustrates this read more here

The original Rocketman Elton John as played by Taren Egerton is amazing!
The original Rocketman Elton John as played by Taren Egerton is amazing!

This is a must know for all trauma therapists – the ACE Study read about it here

The Adverse Childhood Events study is a mustknow for all mental health clinicians.
The Adverse Childhood Events study is a must know for all mental health clinicians.

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