Working Globally? Use Time Conversion for Your Meeting Set up

With Online Therapy you need to get the times right for your local regions

As we consulting online now a great deal, we have become virtual global travellers. So your supervisees, clients and meetings can be in different time zones with our worldwide reach. It can be tricky.

This is so easy to mess up! I know I have stuffed up getting evenings and mornings mixed up with Luxembourg. That’s why it’s good to get some help in converting your local time. So you can set a time that works for all involved. Here’s a few to get you started.

Time and Date Conversion Sites on the Web

Time and Date

Time Trade

World Meeting Planner

How to meet online with world times zones

Here are a couple of suggestions, love to hear what you use. Please drop a comment in the box below.

How do We Handle Money in Therapy?

charging for your therapy services a balancing act

Touchy subject, money for many counsellors. Yet we need to make a living with our vocation.

Discussing dollars in therapy can bring up stuff for both therapists and clients alike.

Pip's tips for taking the stress out of psychology payments
Take the angst out of it.

In my practice we process the payment up front. Getting the business part out of the way, freeing us up to focus on therapy.

Here’s what I do. After new clients finish the intake paperwork, I usually say something like :

Payment first or after for therapy

“Lets get all the administration out of the way. How would you like to pay for today’s session?”

Finalizing the invoice, I then give them my client information sheet. Explaining on the first page is the admin side of things and the back page is therapy tips and tools for you to take away and read at your leisure.

It’s a nice exchange.

The feedback from clients has been overwhelmingly positive. They say it makes sense and feels reliebing getting payment completed.

It’s curious what happens with this routine set from the start. Usually it’s my clients who prompt me to take their payment, pulling out their credit card.

Therapy is an investment in self and it really is a case of backing themselves and their internal worth.

So as a suggestion why not get the charging and business aspects done and dusted at the start.

Notice what happens for you, and for your clients. How does it feel? What are your clients responses.

Experiment with the timing of taking payment. Possibly start with new clients initially and then talk to your existing clients.

For Skype clients I require prepayment via EFT or credit card 24 hours in advance.

Really love to hear what you and your clients responses are.

Please drop a comment in the box below sharing your experience to help others. Thanks!