Professional Ethics – have you got your WWCC?

Koala parent and baby in Australia we need to protect our wildlife and home life.

I work with children and am bound in NSW to have whats called a Working With Children Check WWCC completed every few years. This is to protect our precious children. Anyone who works with children must complete this check. It’s a simple process which involves a National Police Check (which is a criminal history check).

For most of us working there will be a fee of around $80. However in certain conditions like being a student on placement or an adoptive parent you do not have to pay the fee. Here is the NSW website

Freedom to be a child and explore are an important part of our children's development.
Freedom to be a child and explore are an important part of our children’s development.

For Victoria the Website is

For Western Australia

And South Australia and Northern Territories

Children excited by learning and being at school
Children excited by learning and being at school

This goes some way to accountability and as a client or employer you can request to see a current certificate.

I believe all children have the right to safety and protection from violence free from discrimination race, creed, gender, sexuality and circumstance. As health professionals we must have the highest standards of safety and care.

The elephant herd protects it's young. Mama Elephant stands by her kin
The elephant herd protects it’s young. Mama Elephant stands by her kin.

The Vaded State Series now up on YouTube!

Learn the fundamentals of Resource Therapy training in Sydney and the world

Vaded states are an integral to Resource Therapy treatment. I see in my trainings a lot of us struggle with the new terminology – Vaded States, Retro States and Introjects. Here I want to help you become familiar with the ideas and ways of working to benefit your clients.

This series will offer useful ways to help you remember the Resource Therapy Actions. More to come soon.

The Vaded State Series brought to you by Philipa Thornton Resource Therapy Institute Australia

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