Pathways to Healing Here We Come!

Super excited to have been invited to present Pathways to Healing Trauma with Resource Therapy workshop at the 6th Annual Indigenous Drug and Alcohol Conference .

Drug and Alcohol Council (SA) Aboriginal Corporation

Many of you reading the blog know of RT’s healing properties when it comes to processing our parts past wounds. And empowering them, to move beyond outdated life patterns. Truly rewarding work. We appreciate your support.

I have been working all my spare time to get this completed. As of yesterday it’s there. I started this is the beginning of the year. So phew, feeling relieved.

They do say every hour of a presentation requires about 10 hours. I think that’s about right. So I don’t feel bad it’s taken a while!

Now to get my presenter part relaxed and rehearsed. Did I hear Anchoring anyone?

If you are in Adelaide 23 -26 March you are welcome to join us. Please come up and say hello, we’d love to meet you.

We celebrate Chris’s birthday while there with a trip to the Barossa Valley. Please give us a shout out in the comments if you have any South Australia recommendations. Much appreciated.

And we have our up coming clinical starting in April Dates here.

With Love and Light,

Philipa xox

Practicing RT with Clients Online – Upcoming Webinar Free!

for Therapists & PsychologistsFree Webinar practising Resource Therapy Training with clients online Free webinar

Welcome, RT community and those interested in Parts therapy.

Boy to say are we in a very different world is an understatement. With the COVID19 pandemic affecting the world, we need to adapt and do it quickly to survive and help our clients thrive.

It’s a necessity to be online for your practice to survive.

For many Resource Therapists, using Resource Therapy (RT) online may be a first. Or you may have had some sticky moments, or perhaps you are new to RT, please join us. It’s free too.

As a result I am excited to be offering a free webinar to support your online therapy adventures.

While obviously in-person therapy is ideal, let me reassure you online sessions work just as well. Possibly better!

I have been using RT online for several years now and can honestly say I have been blown away by the results.

I had a call from a client in Darwin, I’d worked with via live streaming several years ago. She called recently for a top-up. She said the RT session been life-changing, saying she was now in a healthy relationship and her sense of confidence self-belief had been restored.

Free Webinar practicing RT with clients online Free webinar. Get results from processing therapy's like RT. Talking therapy may be dead?

This is the beauty of RT. One session wonders where long-standing issues resolve and are reprocessed, you don’t get with talking therapy alone.

Vaded State work is integral to the online processing of Rejection and Fear. My experience and client’s reports tell us it is very worthwhile.

As we know the value of RT what could be better than getting it to a worldwide audience. You in the comfort of your office, lounge or kitchen table. Your clients in a lockdown can access your great service. It’s win, win.

It’s going to be super practical. We will go over what you need to set up online for live streaming and working with the technology.

I will be focusing on Zoom and applying RT online in session as it’s the most accessible for many.

It will be lively and interactive with your questions and experiences welcome.

I am busy creating content and will be delivering it soon. Watch this space.

To register your interest please email me and I will send out a link shortly. Email Philipa Thornton at

Training still on & Bali Workshops Update

Resource Therapy Training online live streaming

Hello beautiful parts therapists, health and well-being professionals. What a time we have had in Australia. First fires, then flood and now pestilence in the form of Corona Virus (Covid-19). And our poor world, thinking of you all wherever you are hoping you are safe.

Obviously we are taking this seriously, with precautions and safety as paramount.

It’s good to remember this is flu and while not pleasant to have, we usually recover and build immunity.

As you will know we have our annual Bali Clinical Resource Therapy training in 4 months.

At this stage, our Bali trip is yet to be decided. So please don’t book flights or accommodation as yet.

We will keep you in the loop as to what is happening. A final decision will be made within the next couple of months.

Resource Therapy Training Workshops will go ahead in July.

Our back up venue will be Randwick Sydney.

Resource Therapy's first ever webinar

And if all else fails we will be offering it virtually – live streaming the workshops. Where we come to you in the comfort of your office or home.

I just spoke to a friend of mine who’s daughter has sadly had to come home from her work experience gig with Disney USA.

As we see Disney, Qantas, Virgin and other big businesses have shut down services until June. This is a good sign. Things are expected to change for the better by then. So we are quietly optimistic. And you can bet there will be plenty of discounted airfares.

As anxiety is encouraged through endless media coverage, loneliness increases with social isolation and touching to a minimum, good therapy is needed now more than ever.

And spare a thought for those with OCD.

Parts therapy offers you powerful ways to work with general anxiety, panic, health anxiety, existential angst, fear of the unknown, uncertainty and unhelpful behaviors like over shopping and panic toilet roll buying.

Therapists need skills and tools for results for relief of anxiety, overwhelm and destructive behaviors.

It’s a great time to have your professional development needs for the year secured. Our latest training dates can be found here

Resource Therapy Options for counseling

We are offering Marriage Works couples and individuals either online therapy sessions or telephone counseling. We are limiting our physical contact – sadly our dancing has been canceled. And using all the recommended steps to prevent infection.

Yesterday I spoke with a long term client on the phone. Let’s call him John. John identified a part called Concerned. Concerned had useful, he looked after John’s physical well-being.

Concerned had been at the helm and blocking John’s other parts that keep him going.

Using the amazing Retro State Negotiation Protocol we made use of Concern.

Previously I had worked with John’s adult parts involved with his profession, getting rest and confidence. So Worker, Relaxer and Strong were given permission to help John make a living and deal with future planning while boosting the immune system with rest.

I then sought Concern’s help in getting John to the Dr and Pharmacy to deal with his sinus like symptoms. Concerned was more than happy to assist. Strong, Worker and Relaxer were super appreciative of Concern’s actions.

I could feel Concerned’s grin down the phone line.

Parts Therapy is fun and easy using Resource Therapy's Action protocols
Parts Therapy is fun and easy using Resource Therapy’s Action protocols

Concerned was now free to do his important work, helping maintain health, rather than protecting. While other parts were able to do make a living and look forward to the future.

John said he felt relieved and more at ease at the end of our phone session.

The benefits of working with parts can be online or on the phone.

Vaded work is possible and necessary with Retro Avoiding Parts.

Now more than ever we need more tools in our therapy kit to assist our wonderful clients and ourselves through these uncertain times.

Stay well dear friends, love to you all.

Philipa xox

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