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Welcome we have the latest edition of the Resourceful Therapist Podcast & YouTube Channel. Don’t you love my Burmese cat helping with the newsletter. This episode shows the wonders of parts resolution using RT Action 11 Conflicted State Negotiation.

Watch it here Conflicted State Negotiation Demonstration ( 7 minutes)

Recall Conflicted parts are normal, they are in a slight power struggle and need mediation. Resource Therapists learn Conflicted State Protocol, with its 10 step process which elegantly settles resolving inner tension.

These are surface states which quickly shift with this respectful process. Most commonly associated with procrastination, sleep disturbance, and decision making. Be aware though Vaded and Retro States can be behind these presentations.

Conflicted parts can resolve easily using Resource therapy
Conflicted parts power struggles resolve easily using Resource therapy

For example one of my clients had not filed taxes for nearly 20 years. I think you will agree that beyond procrastination! This required Vaded state work applying the Empowerment protocol. When the Initial Sensitizing Event (ISE) which from memory was where we worked with 3-year-old Resource caught up hearing his parents argue. This can be extremely frightening for our little ones on the inside. Activating our fight or flight systems.

This then freed him up to work through his tax papers. Thank goodness he had an accountant to help him too. Although it was never going to be an overnight job ☺️. He also needed a helper state to achieve this – the amazing Find Resource Action 8.

The video demo is a straightforward example from our Foundation program. Fellow trainers, you are most welcome to share it with your trainees.

PS. There is nothing stopping you from using this method as a self-help process, super useful for those difficult decisions. Talk from each of your differing parts to each other in the chair. ?

PS. There is nothing stopping you from using this method as a self-help process, super useful for those difficult decisions. Talk from each of your differing parts to each other in the chair. ?

Advanced Clinical / Train the Trainer Nov 23 Starting

Advanced Clinical / Train the Trainer in Resource Therapy online Program open now

We are humbly honored to bring you this amazing workshop online. The Advanced Clinical reviews the Clinical program and applies Resource Therapy actions working with particular client presentations.

You will learn what Resource Therapy protocols are useful when working with people impacted by ADHD, Trauma, Dissociation, Depression, Pain, and Somatic presentations.

Then you will have the opportunity to present your experiences of Resource Therapy in a fun friendly atmosphere.

You will benefit from connecting with other Resources Therapists, refreshing your clinical understandings and gaining more experience and practice in these five days.

  • 23 & 24th November
  • 7 & 8th December
  • 14th December

All dates are 9.30-5pm Online via Zoom

Register here: Please email or Call 0434 55 90 11  to register hurry spaces strictly limited.

Parts Update Post Trauma Processing

The Resourceful Therapist Podcast YouTube Parts Update post trauma processing

Feeling humbled to bring you the latest Resourceful Therapist Podcast YouTube. In this episode 2 you get to enter in a client session, such a privilege.

The previous therapy work has involved processing trauma applying the Empowerment Protocol for States Vaded in Fear and Rejection. Life changing!

Really rewarding as the therapist I can tell you. We are shifting life long patterns of pain and disconnection. When our Vaded States are healed we can live and love in the present with purpose and joy.

The session you will hear (for confidentiality it’s just an audio recording) is what I call a Parts Update. It is only 39 minutes.

The previously Vaded states are returned to normal living in a place of joy and delight. We may now need to do what I joke with clients as a software upgrade to get the latest version of themselves. ?

Here we let other parts know the transformations which have occurred. This became necessary as we discovered a blocking part was protecting her from forming healthy loving attachment. A Retro State kept her safe but was unaware that the parts it was helping from the past were no longer feeling unsafe.

Here is the Quiz. Please write your answers in the comments section below.


  1. What is the name of the Retro State?
  2. What is Stoic’s good purpose?
  3. How do we know the previously Vaded States are healed? What tells us here? Hint what’s in a name?
  4. Why is important for our Resource States ( parts) to talk directly in the Retro
    State Negotiation process?

Please enjoy, with an open heart and kindness as you would with your own client’s stories. . Love to get your feedback.

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