How to Master Couple Work using Your Resource Therapy Skills


Chris and I are delighted to be a part of the Bali training experience with Gordon and Anna Emmerson. We are proud to present  a One Day Special Master Class in UBUD, Bali  Monday 6th August 2018.

UPDATE – with Bali’s Mt Agung actively erupting at the time of writing December 2017, we are looking to provide this training at an alternative location around the same time of year. So please hold that thought, register your interest to get updates and if you know or could help with a venue suggestion ( preferably tropical!) then drop me a line –

Thanks and so sorry but we hope to have good news on this soon xx

Monkey Forest Road Flower happy face for Resource Therapy Couple Training Masterclass
Monkey Forest Road Flower happy face for Resource Therapy Couple Training Masterclass

How to Master Couple Work using Your Resource Therapy Skills

Learn the application of Resource Therapy Protocols and Principles in Couple Counselling.

Learn in the fun and supportive of Ubud Bali  how to:

  • Use the RT protocol, as devised by Professor Gordon Emerson, for couple counselling, to assist clients with relationship issues.
  • Effectively apply RT actions in couple sessions, to facilitate relationship repair.
  • Harmoniously blend communication skills and RT actions for best client outcomes.
  • Use individual RT work with each partner, balanced with couple work, for optimal therapeutic results.
    Therapists learn how to help partnerships with Resource Therapy’s model of couple work.

    Expand your Resource Therapy potential by assisting couples in distress while applying your RT ciincial skills.

I know this can be daunting. Boy do I remember doing my RT training with Gordon Emmerson years ago and not feeling confident in applying it in couple work in my psychotherapy practice –  Marriage Works Sydney Practice. Yes, you read correctly. Here I was a trained couple therapist with a postgraduate diploma in Couple Therapy (and it cost me thousands!).

Training that is cost effective.

Once I had lots of practice with RT, I then applied it to my couple work using Gordon’s protocol. I found I was having more success with the couples consulting me. It’s wonderful in private practice for keeping a steady stream of clients and easily applicable to any health care setting. Using RT with twosomes means you can double the therapeutic outcome. And isn’t that why we signed up for the helping profession?

Working with many partnerships over the years, we have identified common issues encountered in using this model with couples.

No problem using RT in couple therapy.

This means we can offer you the benefit of our field proven know-how with practical methods to overcome these obstacles effectively.



Naturally you have completed the 10-day Clinical training, which has given you the basis to quickly progress to couple work. So come join us in Ubud, Chris and I would love to meet you.

You can see the world in anything.

We will bring couple work alive with client case material with our experience (50 plus years between Chris and I) in what works and what doesn’t. As you know RT works with most clients presenting issues.

You do not need any couple therapy training – just a willingness to multiply your capacity for therapy.

This cutting edge workshop run by the Resource Therapy Institute of Australia will be presented by Chris Paulin (Consultant Psychologist) & Philipa Thornton (Relationship Psychologist).

Workshop details:

How to Master Couple Work using Your Resource Therapy Skills

Date: Monday 6 August 2018

Venue: Ubud, Bali. Conference Room of   Pertiwi Resort, Ubud Bali Monkey Forest Road

Investment: $250 AUD

Time: 9-5pm. Arrive 8.30 am.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Bali.

Ubud Bali, is such a lovely learning environment.

How to book:

Please email us – for registration or call Philipa on 0434 55 9011.

Book now to avoid disappointment, as numbers are limited. This workshop is expected to sell out quickly.

Let your Resource Therapy skills bloom!






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