Congratulations to our latest Graduates!

Congratulations Advanced Ego State Training Resource therapy Sydney

Please join me in a hearty congratulations to the latest group completing their Foundation Training in Resource Therapy in May. It’s a bit late coming from me sorry. Many happenings here, updates to follow soon.

What an honour and a privilege it was to work with this wonderful group of talented, inspired experienced therapists. We had members from interstate – Western Australia, Queensland and near the border of New South Wales. Not to forget Zia who made it across the Sydney Harbour bridge!

Resource Therapy Workshops sydney-1676597_1920

It was a pleasure to have Yvette there for the whole weekend as co facilitator. Chris was able to attend the first day which was super.

I always come away both refreshed and renewed from the Foundation.  I am sure it benefits my client work as I came back recharged.

Of course our lovely group are pumped and ready to Resource clients. Even in the two day workshop you learn some of the most advanced techniques we have today in treating trauma.

May Foundation Training in Resource Therapy 2018 Sydney
May Foundation Training Graduates in Resource Therapy 2018 Sydney

A huge thank you to you all –  Rosalie, Judith, Yvette, Moi, Zia, Diane, Heath and Melissa. So appreciated you coming and your wonderful input.

Looking forward to seeing you all the in Clinical September!

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