Professor Gordon Emmerson to Join Me Online May 10

It will be fun and interactive as we will be able to ask any burning questions you have to a master of psychology -

We are very honored to have Gordon Emmerson the founder of Resource Therapy join us at our next RT community event.

Gordon Emmerson Ph.D. is to Resource Therapy,, what Francine Shapiro is to EMDR, Freud, and Watson to Psychology. He’s a living legend and as those of us who know him know he is a very humble person and in my opinion a genius like those aforementioned. Parts therapies like Resource Therapy are the future of psychology. Please join us – it’s free.

Gordon Emmerson and Philipa Thornton discuss Resource Therapy and the future of psychology
Gordon Emmerson and Philipa Thornton discuss Resource Therapy and the future of psychology

Zoom Meeting Gordon Emmerson & Philipa Thornton Discuss Resource Therapy.
When: May 10, 2020 09:00 Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. Hurry places limited and this will fill quickly.

This time should suit our American friends who have only had the replays for now. Our Europe and Asia buddies won’t miss out, please sign up for your replay session to be sent to you via email.

Gordon and I will be talking all things Parts and RT you will gain valuable insights, come and ask your questions and curiosities. No experience necessary just an interest in helping clients deal with trauma and psychological issues.

Register for The Secrets of Bridging Successfully (SOS)Program.

Resource Therapy training online shows how Bridging imaginally to the past and using the Empowerment Phase of Resource Therapy offers profound results in psychotherapy

Resource therapists know how rewarding it is to ‘Bridge’ from a client’s presenting issue to the past in order to reprocess and empower this usually child Part’s negative emotions, and cognitions.

I call this the Empowerment Phase – RT Action 4-7 Expression, Removal & Relief. Here we resolve emotional pain and naturally remove limiting beliefs, it’s often a sort of ‘magical ‘experience. It’s super easy and the Eureka moment in therapy.

However to get to the correct spot for the Empowerment Phase to work after RT Action 2 Vivify, we need to bridge.

There is an art to it.

Miss the moment and the whole session can seem to flop. I know it’s happened to me in my early days! Now I know exactly waht pieces of the puzzle were missing in the technique.

Many clinicians, get disheartened when it hasn’t seemed to work.

There are a few reasons for this, you will find out why when you join us on the SOS program.

You do need to have a few options up your sleeve to best match your clients preferred operating system otherwise it can stall.

Attending the SOS Bridging program will ensure you have the skills and confidence to get there every time.

in psychotherapy Brdiging provides access to lost or abandoned Parts

Secrets of Bridging Successfully Program. SOS.

When May 1 Friday

Time 10-4pm Sydney

Presenters Philipa Thornton Psychologist & Wendy Brewer Clinical Resource Therapy Trainer

If you can’t attend live on the day, you can still receive the program replay – plus I will organize a group coaching session live to answer your questions live. We really don’t want you to miss out.

These are higher-level skills and we want to practice safely with your clients so if you aren’t comfortable working with strong emotion, or don’t feel equipped to process and empower when your bridge to a possible trauma or abuse this program may not be for you.

Having said that if you’d like to learn how to repair Attachment wounds, heal long-held big T and little t trauma while assisting clients in repairing self-esteem and limiting beliefs you are welcome to join us.

Supervision post training is be encouraged to further refine your abilities . Like any good skill it takes practice.

We will be sharing the Empowerment Phase of RT with you as it would be unethical not to. It’s the most amazing protocol I have ever had the privilege of using.

To join this specialty class please email me today, spaces strictly limited. Priority given to Resource Therapists. Email Philipa Thornton at

Join us Online Part 2 & Bridging Mastery April 26

trauma informed Strength based Bridging allows us to reprocess past stuck emotions

Hello lovely people, my new webinar Part 2 Using Resource Therapy Online with Clients & New**Bridging Mastery*** is up for registrations April 26 4.30-6.30 pm Sydney time.

I did debate as whether to charge a fee to cover costs ( cloud recording etc) but in these times have kept it free. I would like to support you all in these tough times.

Make no mistake, it is high value and well worth your time.

Please register and if you can’t make it live, we will send you the replay.

You are welcome to email me any questions you have in advance and my special guest and I will address them on the day.

Here is the link

Please pass and share on social media and to others who would benefit. ***If you can’t make the time please subscribe to the newsletter for the REPLAY *** to ensure you don’t miss out.

Go you good, kind people helping the world heal!

Thanks and hope to see you live Sunday! Philipa

Online Resource Therapy is now even easier to access. Join us for the secret sauce to Bridging

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