7 Benefits of Resource Therapy for Your Private Practice Clientele

The gift of help

Resource therapy is especially useful for those of you running a private practice or planning to get yourself out there. Let me give you the 7 benefits of using Resource Therapy with your clientele. Of course there are many more than I have listed here!

And here they are in no particular order:

 1 Resourcing our Clients

Would you believe a major benefit, is it’s name – Resource Therapy. Professor Gordon Emmerson really did us a massive favour by calling this amazing modality Resource Therapy ( RT).

When I completed the EMDR training my trainer encouraged me to attend a  ‘parts’ therapy workshop with Gordon Emmerson PhD. This was where I  first learnt Ego State Therapy.  Gordon  has  a long association with Ego State  and was teaching this model.  I can’t tell you how painful it was  having to deal with client reactions to the name ‘Ego State Therapy’ and  the lengthy explanation that had to follow.  Not ideal for clients with low self esteem, to say the least.

Allow the river of life to lift you up with Resource Therapy

When clients hear the name Resource Therapy you see the gleam of possibility and hopefulness  and often they lean in with interest and curiosity.

 2 Resource Therapy is Practical and Logical.

Clients love the name Resource Therapy and get the simple and logical explanation quickly. RT makes sense.

When you introduce Resource Therapy to clients, you often see a mixture  of relief and curiosity. Parts therapy contains an innate logic with clients quickly comprehending their different parts. I say right now I am in my therapist part but there is another part that loves kicking back and watching the television show Vikings on SBS. I do have a humorous personality part too.

Reap the fruits of good therapy for change

I used to see a similar reaction when I was using Narrative Therapy and had externalising the problem conversations. Suddenly my clients issues were not all encompassing. There was hope. When I  give a brief explanation of RT I see the same impact and a sense of relief flow over my client’s face and their body appears to relax.  It’s such a refreshing, simple and yet logical concept.

RT holds the belief that all are Resources or personality parts are there to help us. Sometimes those Resource State need a reassignment in order to deal with new issues. Resource Therapy has clear and precise RT Actions for change.

 3 Resource Therapy is Easy to Use and Apply in Session

Resource Therapy has clearly understood and practiced Actions to use with your client. It offers a prescription for your clients problems. The RT Actions give distinct guidelines and steps:

Resource Therapy Actions

Core Actions

1. Diagnosis

2. Vivify Specific

3. Bridging

4. Expression

5. Introject Speak

6. Removal

7. Relief

8. Find Resource

9. Changing Chairs Introject Action

10. Retro State Negotiation

11. Conflicted State Negotiation

12. Imagery Check

Complimentary Actions

—13. Resistance Alliancing

—14. The Separation Sieve

—15. Anchoring

These actions allow you to have a frame of reference for your clients desired goals in coming to see you .

4 Resource Therapy is Client Focused for Empowerment

Rt offers a client centred lens. Although not technically solution focused therapy it  does offer empowerment and results for your clients desired outcomes. In service of seeking out our clients goals in therapy RT Action 1 is incredibly powerful.

By diagnosing the client’s presenting concern and not them, we make room for a destination and have a roadmap with directions on how to get there.

I adore RT for it’s ability to label the problem and not the person.

Get to where you need to go in therapy directly with Resource Therapy
Get to where you need to go in therapy directly with Resource Therapy

RT 1 dials right in with our diagnosis question ” What are You Ready to Change today?”  The elegant question conveniently locates the issues need to be targeted and resolved in therapy.



 5 Resource Therapy offers Precision work in therapy

As it tunes right into your clients issue you can then work directly with the parts involved for rapid resolution.

Many talking therapies spend a lot of time talking to an intellectual Resource State which usually has knowledge of the clients issue but is not the appropriate part to be working with. It may or may not be aware of the issues and is usually not directly involved.  Think of it as talking to a bystander in the crowd rather than the presenter of the talk. This can be frustrating for both client and therapist.

I can’t tell you how may times a client has sat in my office saying I know and understand the problem I have. They are genuine and  have and deep insights into their actions and yet nothing changes, they sigh in resignation. I watch as their shoulders drop in despair.  I tell them this is not their fault. Intellectually understanding an issue from a rational perspective is useful. It just won’t offer the desired change. Clients usually perk up at this, sensing the inherent truth of this statement.

Hoping to help you in your private practic
Hoping to help you in your private practice

I go on to say we will be working directing with the Resource States involved for healing and empowerment and will see what changes for them.  Direct targeting of the Resource State allows for rapid change beyond merely talking about the issue and gaining understanding.

 6 Resource Therapy Works with the Therapy Hour

Resource Therapy addresses parts who have in the past acted out with negative behaviour or unwanted emotion as we apply the RT Actions. The key theme here if it’s not evident, is that the client must want to change their responses.

This makes it easier work for our clients. RT is particularly useful in dealing with trauma. I have had many clients report after an RT session they feel lighter, like a weight has been lifted. It is inspiring as a therapist to be involved in these shifts, I love my work!

We don’t need to dig for negative beliefs or challenge thoughts with cognitive restructuring. I will occasionally say to my clients, you don’t have a thinking problem. What’s occurring is emotional reactivity and protective behaviours which we will assist to resolve and find inner healing. Client’s really get this, intuitively it connects and makes sense.

 7 Resource Therapy offers Rapid Change for Real World Results

RT is therapy that works incredibly quickly with what clients have been struggling with for years. Our clients don’t have unlimited time, money and needn’t be burdened for lengthy periods of psychotherapy.  I get there is a case where longer term work is required, it’s not a one size fits all model. In my clinical experience with clients deep seated issues are addressed powerfully and the shifts are immediate – we also check the work in session with RT Action 12.

I believe RT changes our neural pathways in the session. For more information on Resource Therapy and the neuroscience supporting it read here Neuroscience and Resource Therapy connections  . There is no homework required, you don’t need to go practice at home.

Enjoy your diversity and uniqueness as a therapist by bringing your own insights
Enjoy your diversity and uniqueness as a therapist by bringing your own insights

I recommend therapists get in touch with a Clinical Resource Therapist in their area for a session and experience RT for themselves. Here is the link to Resource Therapy International’s Page Find a Resource Therapist in Australia, New Zealand and worldwide. I will own I am Vice President of Resource Therapy International.

You are the best judge of what will work for you and your clients. I do say to my clients I will work with you in ways I have been trained and apply both personally and professionally as it feels authentic to me.

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