What’s the Deal on Parts Research?

Resource Therapists are very interested in sound research and building evidence of parts therapy efficacy.

This takes both time, energy, and a bit of expertise. Gordon Emmerson PhD has a fantastic two-day workshop on conducting research and publishing your results. As President of Resource Therapy International and a former Statistics and Psychology Professor, he fully supports research into RT.

I was prompted to write after seeing a Facebook post in an EMDR group I belong to. Specifically, the person was curious as to whether IFS and EGO State had an evidence base. The answer is yes!

Ego State Therapy has had studies published which support its efficacy. It’s worth noting Resource Therapy is also known as Advanced Ego State Therapy.

So let me give you some of the research available to help both you and those that need to understand the efficacy of parts therapy.

Evidence-based abreactive ego state therapy for PTSD 2013

Arreed Barabasz


A single 5-6 hours manualized abreactive ego state therapy session has recently been subjected to two placebo-controlled investigations meeting evidence-based criteria. Ego state therapy was found to be a highly effective and durable treatment for posttraumatic stress disorder. Apparently, ego state therapy works because it is emotion focused, activates sub-cortical structures, and because the supportive, interpretive therapist reconstructs the patient’s personality to be resilient and adaptive. In this article the author reviews the treatment procedures and presents the findings of both studies.

They cite the following further articles:

Efficacy of abreactive ego state therapy for PTSD: trauma resolution, depression, and anxiety

Ciara Christensen  1 Arreed BarabaszMarianne Barabasz 2013


Using manualized abreactive Ego State Therapy (EST), 30 subjects meeting DSM-IV-TR and Clinician-Administered PTSD Scale (CAPS) criteria were exposed to either 5-6 hours of treatment or the Ochberg Counting Method (placebo) in a single session. EST emphasized repeated hypnotically activated abreactive “reliving” of the trauma and ego strengthening by the cotherapists. Posttreatment 1-month and 3-month follow-ups showed EST to be an effective treatment for PTSD. Using the Davidson Trauma Scale, Beck Depression II, and Beck Anxiety Scales, EST subjects showed significant positive effects from pretreatment levels at all posttreatment measurement periods in contrast to the placebo treatment. Most of the EST subjects responded and showed further improvement over time.

Ego-state Therapy: Psychotherapy for Multiple Personality Disorders] 2018

[Article in Japanese] Toshiro Sugiyama 


The author describes ego-state therapy. This psychotherapy is used for treating multiple personality disorders. The author mentions the theoretical background of this method, and practical points. Initially, ego-state therapy was developed as a type of hypnotherapy, but it evolved as a safe therapeutic method in combination with trauma processing therapies. The author presents a case study, and discusses the clinical significance of this treatment.

A 2015 article from Good Therapy Website on Ego State Therapy

Interestingly they use they use the Resource Therapy term Vaded Ego States. As far as I know Gordon Emmerson PhD was the first person to use Vaded States. In RT we have specific steps to process these parts often holding trauma and rejection.

Resource Therapy has sidestepped the need for hypnotherapy. This allows more clinicians to learn its powerful methods.

So there are a few research articles for you. Enjoy your learning and healing journey! Please let me know of others by dropping a comment below. Great to connect. Thanks.

With love and light,


Pathways to Healing Here We Come!


Super excited to have been invited to present Pathways to Healing Trauma with Resource Therapy workshop at the 6th Annual Indigenous Drug and Alcohol Conference .

Drug and Alcohol Council (SA) Aboriginal Corporation

Many of you reading the blog know of RT’s healing properties when it comes to processing our parts past wounds. And empowering them, to move beyond outdated life patterns. Truly rewarding work. We appreciate your support.

I have been working all my spare time to get this completed. As of yesterday it’s there. I started this is the beginning of the year. So phew, feeling relieved.

They do say every hour of a presentation requires about 10 hours. I think that’s about right. So I don’t feel bad it’s taken a while!

Now to get my presenter part relaxed and rehearsed. Did I hear Anchoring anyone?

If you are in Adelaide 23 -26 March you are welcome to join us. Please come up and say hello, we’d love to meet you.

We celebrate Chris’s birthday while there with a trip to the Barossa Valley. Please give us a shout out in the comments if you have any South Australia recommendations. Much appreciated.

And we have our up coming clinical starting in April Dates here.

With Love and Light,

Philipa xox

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