Dissonant State Presentation

Despite all that’s gone on in the world, the Institute continued training, now online. In mid-December, we had dedicated therapists complete Resource Therapy’s premier program the Advanced Clinical and Train the Trainer.

We love seeing therapists enhance their parts of therapy practice and the amazing knowledge in their professional and personal journey.

Today I share with you one of our fantastic trainers Kirsten Harper talking to us on Dissonant States in a series from the Resourceful Therapist YouTube Channel Podcast.

You won’t want to miss this free series, so please share with others who will benefit and subscribe. With overwhelming gratitude to Kirsten, Chris, Yvette, and our newest RT Trainers, Philipa xox ? ?

PS watch this space more presentations to come!

The Resourceful Therapist Certified RT Trainers Series

Thank you & Great News!!

Chris, Yvette, and I want to thank you for your support throughout this year. It’s been a merry go round with the pandemic.

Luckily we adapted by bringing you RT Online training.

What a blessing. Stoked to have been privileged to meet more therapists worldwide. Wonderful new connections with dedicated caring helping professionals like yourself.

We hope our Parts seminars, videos, and now the Resourceful Therapist was useful. More to come in 2021 see below. ?‍♀️

So honoured to have connected with you during the year. We are a community, such healing in that especially with enforced isolation and distancing measures.

A special thanks to all our trainees attending Secrets to Successful Bridging, the Foundation, Clinical, and Advanced Clinical/ Train the Trainer programs. We appreciate all the enthusiasm, energy, and talent you show up with !!

Special announcement – I am delighted to introduce our first online group of newly minted trainers graduating. What a perfect ending to the year. Oh and of course to those that received the newsletter – the COVID test was negative ?

Resource Therapy's first online graduates of the Advanced Clinical / Train the Trainer Program welcomedåç

Please give a warm welcome to Ronelle, Trina, Donna, Jaz, Cindy, Kirsten, and Andy.

Great News

Save the date! New advanced seminar:

Working with Borderline Personality Disorder & Complex Childhood PTSD Presentations

When : Friday 26 February 2021 9.30-5 pm

Presenters Mel Canning & Philipa Thornton

Watch the Resourceful Therapist YouTube Channel for a preview. ?

Here’s the link – 2021 Seminars https://resourcetherapy.com.au/resource-therapy-foundation-training-online-philipa-thornton-sydney/

Thank you lovely, kind people of the world.

Using RT with BPD or Complex PTSD Presentations Video Now Up!

Working with Borderline Personality using Parts Therapy

Super excited to (re)share the next Resourceful Therapist Podcast installment with you. Hear from Mel Canning who works extensively with this client group. Apologies we needed to edit the length. Thanks to all those who wished to see it for your contact.

Working with Borderline Personality Disorder &  Complex Childhood PTSD Presentations

Gain insights for working with trauma to assist your clients in processing their past with RT.

Action packed!

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