QR Codes. A Must-have for Your Business?

The impacts of the global pandemic are many. We have grown and adapted for our health and safety. Many of us will be familiar with the process of ‘checking in’ to a business for contact tracing. We do this with a  unique QR Code.

 This little square of black dots is an amazing tool. It’s a shortcut we are all used to using now. Using your phone scanner this barcode will take you to a unique website. Here in Australia, it’s our local State’s Covid Safe platform. It’s a quick way to share your URL web address.

So why is this important for us as therapists?
How good would it be for our clients to go snap and they land directly on your website and contact information?

You need your own unique QR Code. Save your contact details as a QR code, too easy. 

I have my website on my brochures and am about to get new business cards which will have this handy feature on.

So where do you get one?

Here is a link to a website called the QR Code Generator. It is simple and easy to use.

Love to hear your thoughts and experiences. Please send me your QR codes 🙂 Hope this has been useful.

QR Codes for learning Resource Therapy Online or joining Facebook group
QR Codes for easy to get for your therapy practice.
Facebook Resource Therapy Academy please join us :)

This little square of blacks is amazing. It’s a shortcut we are all used to using now. Get your phone out and see where you go.

Try this and see where you go! Love to hear your experiences. Please ask me anything or drop a comment in the box below.

Find us on Facebook at the Resource Academy

Parts Therapy has changed me both as a person and therapist. That’s why I love sharing it in our training programs. We also have a Facebook group called the Resource Academy. Love it if interested therapists would like to join. Here’s the QR code which will send you directly. I dont’ know about you, but I struggle with how to navigate my way around FB.

QR code for the Resource Academy.

Pathways to Healing at the 6th National Indigenous Drug & Alcohol Conference Adelaide

We were humbly and hugely honored at the Resource Therapy Institute Australia to present the pre-conference workshop : Pathways to Healing with Resource Therapy.

Chris, Donna Meyers, Jas Wilson, and I shared RT with a really interested group of both indigenous and non-indigenous drug and alcohol workers and other mental health professionals from around Australia.


When we were first invited in 2020, by conference organizers Scott Wilson CEO of the Aboriginal Drug and Alcohol Council (ADAC), and the committee members (#NIDAC20), COVID had many states locked down. It was hit or miss whether we could travel, our tickets only booked a month prior.

So glad we were able to attend live.

The whole conference was a worthwhile experience. So many great presenters from academics to lived experience. Thank you all.

And the first time we got to meet Donna and Jaz in person. Funny as seeing them on Zoom for the training, I felt as if I had already met them. Surreal as Donna said 🙂

When we witnessed Donna and Jas’s voices with their passion and experiences as Clinical Resource Therapists, we were all deeply moved. Inspiring emotions.

Our hearts truly heard what RT is really about – Pathways to Healing.

Chris Paulin NIDAC20 Conference AdelaideResource Therapy Workshop

We don’t diagnose the person, we assume they have inner strengths, wisdom, and cultural knowledge to be tapped into for real results.

Thank you NIDAC20 and all the dedicated, heart and soul centred people we met during this trip. See you at the next conference.

PS I will put up the conference workbook for you soon. Please sign up for our newsletter and join us for our next training. See the 2021 RT Online Training Program Schedule here.

#NIDAC20 Conference Thanks Denise Gilchrist conference Organizer and all who attended.

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