Presentation at the ACA Conference Sydney 2017

Smartphones making us dumb with social media addiction? Resource Therapy helps.

I am delighted, (slightly scared and excited too!) to be a guest speaker at the Australian Counselling Association’s Sydney Conference this year.

Learn new skills, network with fellow professionals at the ACA in Sydney September.

The Resource Therapy Insititute of Australia is committed to faciliating, educating and progressing Resource Therapy’s powerful methods for change. No where is this more needed than in the mental health field. We need new ways of addressing old problems our clients face. And with the pressures of technology advances we must keep up.

Facebook, Instagram and other Social Media - can it be addictive?
Facebook, Instagram and other Social Media – can it be addictive?

Here is the link ACA confrence speaker list. As a therapist you may be interested in learning more about the Australian Counselling Association.

If you are attending this event please come forward and say hello, I would appreciate meeting you.


Want the notes to the presentation?  Then click here ACA Resource Therapy Notes on Addiction Treatment.



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