Emotional Pain & Stuckness suck…

Sadness honours our loss. Stuckness doesn't.

Over the years most of us have had to deal with the pain of grief and loss. It’s a sad and necessary part of life. When the leaving is unexpected, like in the bereavement of suicide or accident, or ending of a significant relationship it’s painful and difficult to compute this tragic loss.

Grief can lay us flat, set in stuckness if left unprocessed in our emotional brain.
Grief can lay us flat, set in stuckness

Yet there are often so many unspoken sentiments, love shared, conversations unexpressed.

Guilt and rumination are common side effects of those bereaved by suicide. Resource Therapy heals with it's Closure Conversation.
Guilt and rumination are common side effects of those bereaved by suicide. Resource Therapy heals with it’s Closure Conversation.

After losing my Uncle to suicide in my teens, I struggled with so many unanswered questions. I was angry, hurt and felt betrayed. Guilt and a sense of over-responsibility plagued me in the quiet of night. It would come and go, sending me low.

I imagined what I could of said, did to stop him from hurting himself. Of course life carried on but there was a huge gap my teen age self felt keenly over the years.

When love wilts it's hard to deal with our feelings of loss

Grief is a wonderful expression of the love for the loss of our loved ones or the ending of something special. This felt heavier.

As you will see on my video, a Resource Therapy session relieved me of the unresolved emotional burden. I was freed from my resentment towards my father, the abandonment of my Uncle.

It was the AHA understanding from an emotional perspective which changed my inner landscape.

Intellectually as both a person and a mental health professional I ‘knew’ he was suffering from a dark depression.

This emotional freedom and release I experienced sold me on the power of Resource Therapy in healing.

I had years of therapy! At great cost. Yet in this one session I gained emotional closure and inner peace. Free too as I was a client volunteer!

There are many treatments and therapies offering wonderfully supportive grief and loss processing.

Resource Therapy is the one I use with amazing effect. Long held hurt is released in the therapy hour. Guilt and shame replaced with love, acceptance and personal peace.

Personal peace from loss cannot be underestimated. Find freedom today with Resource Therapist in your area.

There are clearly defined steps to have what I call ‘Closure Conversations.’ Here we apply the Resource Therapy steps to address and process burdensome grief, shift shame, and let go of guilt.

These sessions I have are some of the most moving and heartfelt therapy I have been privileged to facilitate.

Here’s the latest from the Resource Therapy Institute Australia YouTube Channel – on Closure Conversations. Please see below and I would love it if you would be so kind to like, subscribe and help!

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Introducing the Somatic Bridge for Trauma Therapists and Specialists.

Bridging to the Initial Sensitising Event is crucial to emotional processing the root cause of clients anxiety. The somatic bridge offers a new way for Resource Therapists to access the Part who is in need.

Bridging is a essential element of emotional processing necessary for treating Post traumatic stress, underlying anxieties. These Parts are the ones when at the helm bring with them overwhelm, anxiety and feelings low self worth.

Healing the origins of our pain, allows us to live our highest potential.

Integral to healing is finding the root cause of the issue. Resource Therapists apply Action step 2 the Vivify Specific protocol. RT Action step 2 gets the part we need to be working with out in the conscious. Out on deck for us to facilitate access to the original sensitizing event.

I have recorded a 3 part series of a new option for bridging. Bridging is an essential part of the Resource Therapy Vaded State Protocol. These Resource Therapy Actions are at the heart of healing PTSD, anxiety, phobias, poor self esteem for clients and ourselves. When we reach the Initial Sensitizing Event (I.S.E), we have floated back to the original trauma. As we know when we knock out the roots of the tree it dies out.

What this means for trauma if we get to the earliest event, empower and heal the Part with the issue it is resolved. This Resource part no longer needs to act out or has overwhelming emotions from this past. It is returned to a state of health and well-being.

We know this from the research and work of Bessel Van De Kolk; Pat Ogden, Janina Fisher and Peter Levine.

Please watch all three parts for the complete picture. I need your help as I haven’t quite decided on a name yet.

What would you call this bridging technique – the Somatic bridge, the Sensorimotor bridge or other bridge?

Thanks for again for completing the whole three videos and please share to others who would be interested in Resource Therapy and it’s uses in treating trauma effectively.

Here is the YouTube Channel of Resource Therapy please subscribe.

How Many ACES Do Your Clients Hold?

The Adverse Childhood Events study is a mustknow for all mental health clinicians.

In an EMDR conference in the beautiful city of Milan, Italy l was mesmerized listening to Carole Forgash. Here Carole introduced me to the Adverse Childhood Event’s Research. I don’t know why I hadn’t been aware

Bell’s were ringing, my lights were on the Adverse Childhood Event’s (ACE) study and findings made me tingle. I was nodding my head – Yes this makes so much sense!

You really don't want to have too many ACEs up your sleeves
Ace Trauma research

For those of you working with trauma this is totally need to know stuff. And really if you work with clients it doesn’t take long for the emotional wounds to open.

When I think back over my career, it’s my clients who have educated me so much. Especially so how our young lives affect our present ones.

Here is a short YouTube video introducing the ACE Research. Be fascinated. Saddened. Aware. Trigger warning too. Be gentle.

ACE Study

Thanks for watching. It resonated so fully with my personal experience. Breaking the silence of abuse is crucial.

What’s your reaction to Dr Felliti’s study findings? Please leave your comment below. I would love to hear your thoughts and feelings. Thanks again!

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