Introducing the Somatic Bridge for Trauma Therapists and Specialists.

Bridging is a essential element of emotional processing necessary for treating Post traumatic stress, underlying anxieties. These Parts are the ones when at the helm bring with them overwhelm, anxiety and feelings low self worth.

Healing the origins of our pain, allows us to live our highest potential.

Integral to healing is finding the root cause of the issue. Resource Therapists apply Action step 2 the Vivify Specific protocol. RT Action step 2 gets the part we need to be working with out in the conscious. Out on deck for us to facilitate access to the original sensitizing event.

I have recorded a 3 part series of a new option for bridging. Bridging is an essential part of the Resource Therapy Vaded State Protocol. These Resource Therapy Actions are at the heart of healing PTSD, anxiety, phobias, poor self esteem for clients and ourselves. When we reach the Initial Sensitizing Event (I.S.E), we have floated back to the original trauma. As we know when we knock out the roots of the tree it dies out.

What this means for trauma if we get to the earliest event, empower and heal the Part with the issue it is resolved. This Resource part no longer needs to act out or has overwhelming emotions from this past. It is returned to a state of health and well-being.

We know this from the research and work of Bessel Van De Kolk; Pat Ogden, Janina Fisher and Peter Levine.

Please watch all three parts for the complete picture. I need your help as I haven’t quite decided on a name yet.

What would you call this bridging technique – the Somatic bridge, the Sensorimotor bridge or other bridge?

Thanks for again for completing the whole three videos and please share to others who would be interested in Resource Therapy and it’s uses in treating trauma effectively.

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