Practicing RT with Clients Online – Upcoming Webinar Free!

Welcome, RT community and those interested in Parts therapy.

Boy to say are we in a very different world is an understatement. With the COVID19 pandemic affecting the world, we need to adapt and do it quickly to survive and help our clients thrive.

It’s a necessity to be online for your practice to survive.

For many Resource Therapists, using Resource Therapy (RT) online may be a first. Or you may have had some sticky moments, or perhaps you are new to RT, please join us. It’s free too.

As a result I am excited to be offering a free webinar to support your online therapy adventures.

While obviously in-person therapy is ideal, let me reassure you online sessions work just as well. Possibly better!

I have been using RT online for several years now and can honestly say I have been blown away by the results.

I had a call from a client in Darwin, I’d worked with via live streaming several years ago. She called recently for a top-up. She said the RT session been life-changing, saying she was now in a healthy relationship and her sense of confidence self-belief had been restored.

Free Webinar practicing RT with clients online Free webinar. Get results from processing therapy's like RT. Talking therapy may be dead?

This is the beauty of RT. One session wonders where long-standing issues resolve and are reprocessed, you don’t get with talking therapy alone.

Vaded State work is integral to the online processing of Rejection and Fear. My experience and client’s reports tell us it is very worthwhile.

As we know the value of RT what could be better than getting it to a worldwide audience. You in the comfort of your office, lounge or kitchen table. Your clients in a lockdown can access your great service. It’s win, win.

It’s going to be super practical. We will go over what you need to set up online for live streaming and working with the technology.

I will be focusing on Zoom and applying RT online in session as it’s the most accessible for many.

It will be lively and interactive with your questions and experiences welcome.

I am busy creating content and will be delivering it soon. Watch this space.

To register your interest please email me and I will send out a link shortly. Email Philipa Thornton at

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