EMDR Conference in Milan!

Today my gorgeous friend Alison sent me a blast form the past picture. We had the good fortune to attend the EMDR Conference 4 years ago in Italy together! I fell in love with Milan.

Such a beautiful city.

Thanks Alison – great trip to Italy – the food, your wonderful company! Super conference on EMDR.

The Conference was amazing. Hat’s off to EMDR Europe. I loved Carole Forgash’s plenary. She introduced us to the ACE study and how important it is to be trauma informed. We need to be aware outcomes of childhood adversity – the physical, emotional, societal, relational, spiritual and psychological .

Every Clinician needs to know about the ACE Research here is a YouTube video ( heads up it made me sigh and brought a tears.)

I can’t say enjoy but will say I hope you watch it. You care, I know you do and want to be aware.

Perhaps you were there? Love to hear from you.

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