How Many ACES Do Your Clients Hold?

In an EMDR conference in the beautiful city of Milan, Italy l was mesmerized listening to Carole Forgash. Here Carole introduced me to the Adverse Childhood Event’s Research. I don’t know why I hadn’t been aware

Bell’s were ringing, my lights were on the Adverse Childhood Event’s (ACE) study and findings made me tingle. I was nodding my head – Yes this makes so much sense!

You really don't want to have too many ACEs up your sleeves
Ace Trauma research

For those of you working with trauma this is totally need to know stuff. And really if you work with clients it doesn’t take long for the emotional wounds to open.

When I think back over my career, it’s my clients who have educated me so much. Especially so how our young lives affect our present ones.

Here is a short YouTube video introducing the ACE Research. Be fascinated. Saddened. Aware. Trigger warning too. Be gentle.

ACE Study

Thanks for watching. It resonated so fully with my personal experience. Breaking the silence of abuse is crucial.

What’s your reaction to Dr Felliti’s study findings? Please leave your comment below. I would love to hear your thoughts and feelings. Thanks again!

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