Japanese Woman have New Device to beat Public Sexual Assault

I have to share with you an ABC. See below. Some smart stationery company has developed a tramp stamp to help identify perpetrators who touch others. Was it a woman, I wonder?

Groping women on public transport happens in epic proportions in Japan.

It occurs in Australia too.

Girls and passengers speak out if you see a wrong doing.

It’s done surreptitiously in crowded trains, buses or trams where people are crushed. So stop it gropers!

This unwanted touching is a form of sexual assault and a criminal offense.

There is a clever company in Japan who is helping ladies out. They can now secretly mark the perpetrator with an invisible ink that shows up under special light.

Here is the article https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-08-30/japanese-anti-groping-stamp-sells-out-within-an-hour/11466246

Anti groping stamp

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