Philipa’s Responsibility Release Technique ? for Emotional Change.

Hi, guys I wanted to share my Responsibility Release (RR) Technique with you.

It’s fabulous for those of you who are trauma processors assisting clients clearing Vaded States – Clinical Resource Therapists, Professional Hypnotherapists, EMDR Practitioners and the like.

I use it in the Empowerment Phase – RT Actions 4, 5, 6 & 7.

Recall RT works with the Part /s in distress, fast-tracking positive change.

State Vaded in Fear or Rejection are worked with directly in the Empowerment Phase. The Vaded State is holding unprocessed past emotions when out on the top deck of our boat (conscious) will feel out of control. This affect will not match our current situation and can get us in trouble.

Think of the shop assistant copping a barrage from someone who’s angry part has been triggered. Or if I have a panic attack in my workplace. Or when I am getting a work review, I start to feel emotional and cry. These are examples of Vaded States that need assistance.

To get to the Empowerment phase we have invited the Part we need to work with using RT Action 2 Vivify Specific. And then we will have Bridged ( RT Action 3 ) to the Initial Sensitising Event I.S.E.

In the I.S.E. this is usually a child State, who through temperament, learned experience, or caregiver influence has an overdeveloped schema of taking responsibility. A great core belief to clear up and it’s so easy with RT and the RR method.

This often manifests in adult lives as unhealthy relationship patterns, lack of assertiveness, and an intense need for approval.

This simple 2-minute process is a perfect add on for you to use with clients burdened with shame, guilt, and responsibility.

It has been inspired by Robin Shapiro, Gordon Emmerson and Clinical Hypnotherapist Lyn Mackintosh.

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While the RR technique is ideal for Resource Therapists, please feel free to adapt it if you’re a hypnotherapist or EMDR clinician who feels comfortable re-processing emotional wounds from the past.

P.S Notes coming soon! We love to hear your RT experiences, perhaps you have the RR a go with yours please share your experiences in the comment section below. Your work helps others ?

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Here’s my Responsibility Release process,?

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