The Ten Minute Trauma Intervention Applying Resource Therapy Successfully

On a phone call my client had become very distressed upon finding out news regarding the family member who had sexually assaulted her as a young girl.

Feelings of low self worth and trauma are often intergenerationally transmitted
Feelings of low self worth and the effects of trauma can be  intergenerationally transmitted

Part of her was angry and had naturally attempted to find solace with her mother who is in her 80’s. Unfortunately her mother is unable to offer emotional support – saying to her daughter ” I was raped in my 20’s and got over it,  so just get over it and put it behind you.”


Understandably my client felt  justifiable anger and disappointment with her mothers response.

I said to her we actually haven’t worked with this hurt part and it would be good to do to address this part directly when I  saw her next.

Hurt parts can heal with Resource Therapy
Hurt parts can heal with Resource Therapy

She began to cry and speak in a softer tone and I said ” I can hear your hurt part- you sound younger – can I call you ” Little One”. My client said yes. I said thank you and I would like to get you the help you need right now, is that ok with you Little One? Yes she responded affirmatively.

I called out the client’s name Jenny, I know if you saw a little girl who was feeling hurt, sad and alone, like you love your own daughter, you would crawl over glass to get to her to help her. ” Yes.” Jenny how would you want to help her? Jenny responds I would want to cuddle her.  I said thank you that’s wonderful and super helpful – what can I call you? “Nice Mum.”

I said “Nice Mum you are awesome thanks for being here. Just you reach out to Little One as she’s all alone and draw her into your heart right now and let the warm glow of your unconditional love, safety, support and sanctuary flow into her being like a wonder wave.” I bet Nice Mum you love to do this… She said “yes”

And Nice Mum what do you want “Little One to know?”” I accept you”replied Nice Mum . I went back to Little One. “Little One” how does that feel you heard Nice Mum she accepts you and you are in her heart?” Little One “Safe. And Accepted.” That is wonderful, I said and I am so glad you have the unconditional love, support and safety all little girls and boys deserve.

I had tears in my eyes, I was so moved.

Helping hands are there - learn Resource Therapy's powerful trauma interventions for healing
Helping hands are there – learn Resource Therapy’s powerful trauma interventions for healing

My client said ” I feel complete, its like I feel totally accepted deep in the catacombs of my being.” “It is so profound I don’t have the depth of words to describe the peace I feel. ”

This small exchange happened in the last ten minutes of a 40 minute phone call, demonstrating the effectiveness of Resource Therapy.

I am continually  amazed at how rapidly Resource Therapy’s trauma interventions work for long lasting client change. This is why I am passionate about bringing Resource Therapy training to the world  of therapy.

Find out how Resource Therapy gains Peace Within today
Find out how Resource Therapy gains Peace Within today

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