Questions for Applying Parts Therapy with EMDR & Trauma Processing Models.

It may interest you to know our special guest Deborah Egan-Klein on Sunday’s Resource Therapy Mastery Series online is an EMDR Practitioner and EMDR Consultant.

Deborah was the first President of EMDR Luxembourg. Indeed she founded the first EMDR Association of Luxembourg.

How lucky we are!

I first met Deborah in Bali in 2015. We had such fun training all day in Resource Therapy and going out every night as a group eating amazing food. A memorable trip 🙂

As we are at capacity for the seminar, what I am suggesting is you are welcome to ask any questions in the comments section of the blog below. I will make sure we get your queries responded to.

For the replay sign up to the newsletter. I will share it within the week, so you can watch it at your leisure.

6 Replies to “Questions for Applying Parts Therapy with EMDR & Trauma Processing Models.”

    1. Thanks ever so much Cathy, it is a joy to share these Resources with you all. ? Especially folks in the USA and America’s.
      When we get enough interest we will make a Northern Hemisphere time friendly call, hopefully soon!
      Thanks Philipa

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