Super Circle – Group Supervision for Resource Therapists Online

Resource Therapy Community Supervision Support for professional development.All our parts working in harmony allows peace within with Resource Therapy

At the Resource Therapy Institute, we appreciate learning a skill takes energy, practice and support. Those who fully go on to master any psychological therapy make the time and space to develop themselves.

Group supervision provides the ideal opportunity.

Please let me introduce the Super Circle – Online Group Supervision for Resource Therapists. Monthly meetings of two dedicated hours for a focus on you and your client practice.

It’s like a psychological massage for inspiration. Personally I love getting feedback and input from other skilled therapists. I regularly consult with my mentors to continue to grow as a therapist.

You can join either one of two group options for monthly support. It’s a great way to maintain connection with the Resource Therapy Community.

Philipa’s Monday PM Super Circle for Resource Therapists

Monday 28 September

Time 3pm – 5pm


Philipa’s Fridays AM Super Circle for Resource Therapists

Friday 25 September

Time 9.30 am -11.30 am

You will be welcome to confidentially discuss cases, bring all your questions, and videos for review. We may have topical sessions for focus ie diagnosis, working with Complex PTSD etc. Group directed.

Investment $ 88 per session paid in 24 hours in advance. Students rate low-income rates possible just ask me. I will send out a Zoom invite to pop in your calendar. Happy to sign off for your professional development needs.

If you are not yet seeing client’s you are welcome to join at a reduced rate. Sponsorship places available at no charge, please ask.

Love to have you join us for the fun, connection, and inspiration.

Register here: Please email or Call 0434 55 90 11  to register our spot – hurry spaces strictly limited.

Your supervisor is Philipa Thornton is a Psychology Board approved Supervisor of Psychologists and a Senior Resource Therapist Consultant. With her team Yvette Allen Master NLPer, Clinical Hypnotherapist & Clinical Resource Therapist and Chris Paulin Consultant Psychologist and Senior level Resource Therapist.

Supervision lets you share and learn from your client interactions. Professional Supervision enhances yoru practice.
Online Group Supervision is a safe space where you get to share and learn from your client interactions. Professional Supervision enhances your practice. Good therapy consultation gets results.

New Foundation, Clinical, Advanced Clinical & Train the Trainer Dates Announced

Join the friendly online team at the Resource Therapy Online Training Seminars

Super excited to give you the opportunity to learn Resource Therapy online. It has been amazing this year despite all the travails with a global pandemic. We wish to cordially invite to join us for the next round of teaching programs 2020.

Oh yes and if you can’t make it live streaming, we have the answer. The downloadable Foundation Program. Delivered into your inbox. Contact me for details on how to purchase and peruse at your leisure.

Link to the page for Workshop dates and fees here

Foundations in Resource Therapy Program

When 21 & 22 September 2020

Clinical Resource Therapy Program


—12 & 13 October

26 & 27 October

2 & 3 November

16 & 17 November Graduation

Online Advanced Clinical/ Train the Trainer Program

2020 Dates

  • 23 & 24th November
  • 7 & 8th December
  • 14th December

All dates are 9.30-5pm Online

Register here: Please email or Call 0434 55 90 11  to register hurry spaces strictly limited.

Ebony for EMDR Therapists interested in Parts Therapy -Resource Therapy Online Program

Ireland’s Parts Negotiator, Nobel Laureate Peace Prize Winner John Hume dies

What's John Hume got to do with therapy?

I turned on Google to learn of Mr Hume’s death. His life work was inspirational. John Hume was a politician that helped end the Troubles of Northern Ireland a land in the grip of deadly conflict and terrorism.

Honour bound working for peace, he brought a country in massive opposition, dogmatic issues to a state of connection and cooperation.

Bill Clinton a long term friend called John Hume the Martin Luther King.

Here is one of his quotes, I was moved to share with you today :

I want to see Ireland as an example to men and women everywhere of what can be achieved by living for ideals, rather than fighting for them, and by viewing each and every person as worthy of respect and honour.” John Hume

Psychologists, Counsellors and Resource Therapists, I believe work to this vision.

We work with our client’s struggle and conflict for inner peace, to negotiate new methods of coping. Connecting with core values to live to their desired potentials.

So rewarding! So thank you to all you therapists, you deserve an award for all the good work you do! With love, Philipa