Vicarious Trauma, Burn Out and Compassion Fatigue Clues to Self Care

This is more like it chilling at the pool after a wonderful day of learning

Gosh for me it wasn’t till I experienced my own Compassion Fatigue last year this stuff got real. Did I notice it, no. My supervision kindly suggested this may be a part of what was happening. She was right when I looked at it.

I was chronically tired, irritable, was going through the motions and felt fatigued. My clients probably got the best of me and my husband the left over. It was like a grey mood a mild depression. With little enthusiasm and joy. It sneaks up on you compassion fatigue (CF).

Looking back it was probably inevitable. I was fitting in clients into my calendar at their schedule, over working and not looking after my physical or emotional health. Collapsing in front of Netflix doesn’t count. Add to that buying, selling and renovating an apartment, no wonder.

According to compassion fatigue expert Francoise Mathieu (2012) between 40% and 85% of “helping professionals” develop vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue and/or high rates of traumatic symptoms.

Domestic abuse plays with your head as you attempt to make sense of what is nonsense

What helped me was getting support from colleagues, supervision, therapy and putting my health and welfare as a priority.

Yoga is a spiritual, physical and emotional help for me it helped with the compassion fatigue

I do my Yoga class today at midday, I don’t put in the client who really likes that time due to the distance they have to travel to see me. She understands – I am modelling good boundaries and self care. We find a time that works for us both. Then I can eat lunch and feel refreshed to see my afternoon clients.

While I do find it necessary to offer after hours appointments I add a small charge to this premium time, like a penalty rate. Just as I would get paid working a Sunday at the Medically Supervised Injecting Centre (MSIC). I joke sayings it’s a disincentive to people wanting those slots. They laugh as they get it. And if this is what they require they pay it.

I made this decision after working for Relationships Australia where client’s were charged extra for out of hours slots but this was not passed on to counsellors. I am not bagging RA here, I love them. I also needed to honour the small resentment setting in. Part of me thought that wasn’t so fair.

I promised myself I would offer these times with a proviso. Background here too I worked at MSIC in Kings Cross 11 years in total for evenings and weekends. I’d had my fair share.

One of the best way’s I get my cup filled is learning and networking with fellow health professionals.

That’s why I am so excited to be training Resource Therapy in Ubud. It’s a holiday of self care while soaking in amazing training.

I recently had a 3 day Advanced Imago Couple Therapy Training. While I loved the training it was hell getting to Balmain. In the 2 hours commute and we were all damp. Soaked with the flooding rains. Wet socks yuk!

In Bali you will be able to stroll to the training room after your healthy breakfast. Or perhaps you will join me for a Yogabarn class. Here’s more ideas for your trip

This is more like it chilling at the pool after a wonderful day of learning
This is more like it chilling at the pool after a wonderful day of learning

At lunch time a dip in the rooftop pool will certainly refresh you for the afternoon session. In the evening after a beautiful meal out with new friends to discuss your learning and kick back you will sleep soundly in crisp hotel sheets. No laundry to wash, you can get it done for you for about $10 Aus. No dinner’s to prepare unless you choose, many stays have a kitchenette and if you are bringing family your partner might be the hunter gatherer in the local food markets.

The luscious green rice fields are magnificient and you will get to meet locals who make this their livelihood
The luscious green rice fields are magnificent

Join us in Ubud for winter time out. Resource Therapy works in so well with your wonderful tool kit. I use it with EMDR Clients as you really need a Parts Psychology to apply there.

Here’s the training venue in Ubud the Evitel – hurry to book as it’s the high season. Mention you are in Philipa’s group for the best prices. Hurry Early bird special finishes friday 14th February.

Love to hear about your experiences, if any with CF. Please comment in the box below any questions send me an email or call me 0434559011.

You’re invited! Calling all Clinical Resource Therapists for Advanced Parts Therapy Training

@ResourceTherapytrainingworkshops #partstherapy @partstherapy
#ResourceTherapy is heart centred and healing therapy @ResourceTherapy

At the Resource Therapy Institute Australia we are dedicated to Professor Gordon Emmerson’s vision of sharing this healing heart centred therapy he has pioneered.

Those how know me, know I am not being one to blow my own trumpet, I am also Vice President of Resource Therapy International and Chris Paulin is Clinical Training Director. We have been helping Gordon and Anna run the annual Bali training since it began.

It has been a real honor to be offered the opportunity by Gordon and Anna to keep the Resource Therapy training workshops running in UBUD Bali.

Bali Resource Therapy Workshop group

We plan to make it an annual event, so every year around June/July you will find great fun and fabulous trauma informed parts therapy in a tropical paradise. Next year let us know if you’d like an opportunity to practice your training skills by running a day. Or perhaps you have a specialty Resource Therapy skill you’d like to offer as a specialist workshop. There is a thought of NLP and its applications with Resource Therapy. Please send me an email.

Here is the Ubud training on offer here

The awesome thing is you get to learn while in a heavenly space, with lovely hotels and divine food. Happy to make recommendations! Just ask me for our local favourites.

Sometimes due to kids, work or life commitments an overseas trip for learning isn’t possible. This is why we offer training in Sydney.


This course is especially relevant to those who have completed their Clinical training is the Advanced Clinical Train the Trainer. Perhaps you did the training a while ago and like me took up some of the ideas but needed some more input on how to implement Parts Therapy into your practice. Or you found it useful with clients you used it with but felt as if you were missing some vital parts. You know safety is paramount in working as a trauma informed Resource Therapist and wanted to learn more on this. The Advanced Clinical & Train the Trainer is the answer.

This is a five day review of the Clinical and dive down further into using Resource Therapy with conditions like ADHD, Psychosis, Complex PTSD, PTSD, Depression, Anxiety and Pain Management. All totally applicable to psychologists, social workers, therapists and all other emotional healers out there.

Discover the Power of Parts Therapy
Discover the Power of Parts Therapy Resource Therapy Institute Australia

Find out more on this training here :

Do you, or Would You Like to Work with Children & Adolescents ?

Happy children have happy parents helping Resource Thearpy

Are you a therapist who sees young people? Resource Therapy will help you.

Perhaps you have attended Resource Therapy Training and you are inspired to use your skills working our younger generation, this training is for you.

who hasn't parented exactly as they like - Resource Therapy can help you

Or maybe you are a parent, probably a mental health professional and like us all have struggled at times to maintain our best parenting selves?

We have the answer. Join us at the Resource Therapy Institute for our annual Bali retreat where we are running a Specialty 2 day workshop –

Using Resource Therapy with Children and Adolescents 2 days

  • 16/17 July Bali 2020
    • Presenter Tracy Lynch

This specialty workshop is aimed at anyone who deals with children and teenagers regularly. We are super excited to have Tracy Lynch – parent, counsellor, clinical hypnotherapist and childrens’ book author to present this 2 day workshop in Bali this year.

BEiing a kid is tough learn how best to work with children as a health professional
Being a kid is tough learn how best to work with children as a health professional

Gain valuable experience, build your confidence and learn practical skills for your life and your private practice by helping the next generation.

Teenagers need a lot of love and guidance, learn how to support them with Resource Therapy

Here’s the link to the Bali page scroll down for full details

TIP: Please be advised here at the RT Institute we advocate for young people’s safety and well being. All mental health professionals who work with children and adolescents by law must apply for the Working with Children Check in your State please see below for your Australian State link. It’s often an employee requirement for many services.

In private practice it’s highly recommended and usually a requirement from your professional association. It’s pretty straightforward to apply and costs approximately $100 plus or minus and lasts for a period of years.

Here’s the NSW one . The Victorian application form Western Australia here’s yours South Australia yours is And last but certainly not least Northern Territory http://mergency/community-safety/apply-for-a-working-with-children-clearance

Thanks for reading and please pass this information on to others who work in the field who may benefit.

Yours Gratefully Philipa