How will Resource Therapy be beneficial to you and your clients?

Life is a Journey of Learning, Growth and Healing

Ok, I am totally biased with my client experience, so I say wholeheartedly YES! My belief which guides all of us in the healing field, is we do this work in the spirit of providing benefit to our clients. We want assist people in moving out of pain and destructive life patterns. It is a an extremely worthwhile mission.  Thank you all for doing your good therapy works. This work is life changing for us and the people we are privileged to see.

Inspiration from learning
Inspiration from learning

It’s not easy getting out of your uni course or counselling training, only to discover what a mixed bag of problems people come to lay at your therapy feet. It can be overwhelming, help is at hand here.

They didn't teach me how to deal with all of this in the psychology
They didn’t teach me how to deal with all of this in the psychology course

Where do you even start as clients roll out a list of issues as long as your arm? I know it can be overwhelming for us as new therapists and those on the job longer too at times.

What Resource Therapy offers you is clear and easy to follow protocols from a client-centred brief solution focused standpoint. It has made my therapy hours a pleasure and taken the pressure right off.

How good would it be to know this client’s issue is related to poor self esteem. Yep, I’ve go this covered, I can deal with that directly using the Resource Therapy actions on rejection.

RT has easily learnt addiction protocols.
RT has easily learnt addiction protocols.

Oh so you have panic attacks, they are easily treated, usually in a session we employ the procedure for phobia and fear. It’s exciting watching your clients face light up, hearing a sigh of relief as you tell them anxiety is resolvable.

A clear path to follow on the therapy journey is reassuring for all concerned.
A clear path to follow on the therapy journey is reassuring for all concerned.

Dealing with depression and seeing small glimmers of hope week to week, with no homework. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder helped by doing here and now work, that addresses the underlying causes.

Resource Therapy  (RT) as all therapies have – CBT, DBT, Mindfulness Meditation, Narrative Therapy, Family Therapy and the list goes on, borrows from other traditions.

Resource Therapy has developed out of Ego State Therapy (EST), no secret there,

Your experience is valuable as a therapist
Your experience is valuable as a therapist

so bears some marked similarities and advances. For those of you trained in EST if you want to update your skills we offer 50% discount to attend in honour of your training.

When I talk to other therapists about RT they say oh it’s just like Voice Dialogue , or it’s Transactional Analysis TA, Family Constellations, Internal Family Systems IFS or CBT Re scripting. Look I know nothing about Voice Dialogue or Family Constellations Therapy, I am sure they have benefits. I have read something on TA and  IFS. I am trained CBT Rescripting. Resource Therapy is unique.

It is a bit like saying to the EMDR practitioner “EMDR is  just EFT”

EMDR Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing has long used Ego State interventions. Please read the amazing work of Jim Knipe PhD., Carole Forgash PhD., Ana Gomez PhD., Maggie Phillips PhD. and  Dr Claire Frederick’s, Robin Shapiro Phd., to name a few.

These type of trauma informed therapies like Resource Therapy and all I have mentioned here are so valuable. Learn as much as you can.

Life long learning helps our brains stay healthy
Life long learning helps our brains stay healthy

Moving into a depth of work which feels inspiring and rewarding as a therapist.  Do you use EMDR, Ego State, Emmerson’s advanced Ego State aka – Resource Therapy, or another mentioned.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post, in your busy day. Please leave a comment in the box below on your thoughts about learning and therapy. We would love to hear your thoughts.

Try new things, learn and apply your own unique ability.
Try new things, learn and apply your own unique ability.


Play it again Sam, Gambling, Pornography and other Psychological addictions, we need a new approach to treatment.

Addictions Conference 2016

Chris and I are heading to the Gold Coast in May for the Australian & New Zealand Addiction Conference 2016 to present new treatment options.

Addictions Conference 2016
Resource Therapy Institute presentation Addiction Conference 2016 Gold Coast, Australia.

Resource Therapy is the new approach to treating addiction that offers precision treatment for clients seeking to address behavioral addictions – gambling, internet addiction, pornography addiction, Obsessive compulsive disorder, drug abuse, rage and other unwanted behavior.

I have worked with many talented and intelligent clients in my years as a psychologist. Many have had great insight and knowledge into their addictive behaviour and yet still have relapsed in times of emotional stress.  Leaving them disappointed and downhearted by this lack of change.

We need to tackle behavioral and process type addictions with innovation.

Resource Therapy addresses the core issues and find an alternative state to accomplish more appropriate means of dealing with stress.

RT targets the personality part needing a trauma informed approach using the Resource Therapy Actions 1-7 to process and resolve the underlying issues. This brings a state holding extreme anxiety or fear back to normality, restoring the state to health.

The next step is to get the pathological personality part acting out in the unwanted behavior ( a Retro State in Resource Therapy terms) and negotiate directly with it. In the Retro State negotiation we suggest an alternative or smaller role for the Retro State that will be preferred by resource states and liked.

Resource Therapy Action 8 Find a Resource is often used if a more appropriately skilled resource is needed.

We are very pleased to be offered this opportunity to introduce Resource Therapy and it’s effective treatment actions in May.


Abstract' Play It Again Sam' presented by the Resource Therapy Institute
Conference Abstract presented by Resource Therapy Institute Director Philipa Thornton & Consultant Psychologist Chris Paulin.                                                                                                If you are interested in learning please send an email or call Philipa directly on 0434 55 90 11