Emotional Pain & Stuckness suck…

Sadness honours our loss. Stuckness doesn't.

Over the years most of us have had to deal with the pain of grief and loss. It’s a sad and necessary part of life. When the leaving is unexpected, like in the bereavement of suicide or accident, or ending of a significant relationship it’s painful and difficult to compute this tragic loss.

Grief can lay us flat, set in stuckness if left unprocessed in our emotional brain.
Grief can lay us flat, set in stuckness

Yet there are often so many unspoken sentiments, love shared, conversations unexpressed.

Guilt and rumination are common side effects of those bereaved by suicide. Resource Therapy heals with it's Closure Conversation.
Guilt and rumination are common side effects of those bereaved by suicide. Resource Therapy heals with it’s Closure Conversation.

After losing my Uncle to suicide in my teens, I struggled with so many unanswered questions. I was angry, hurt and felt betrayed. Guilt and a sense of over-responsibility plagued me in the quiet of night. It would come and go, sending me low.

I imagined what I could of said, did to stop him from hurting himself. Of course life carried on but there was a huge gap my teen age self felt keenly over the years.

When love wilts it's hard to deal with our feelings of loss

Grief is a wonderful expression of the love for the loss of our loved ones or the ending of something special. This felt heavier.

As you will see on my video, a Resource Therapy session relieved me of the unresolved emotional burden. I was freed from my resentment towards my father, the abandonment of my Uncle.

It was the AHA understanding from an emotional perspective which changed my inner landscape.

Intellectually as both a person and a mental health professional I ‘knew’ he was suffering from a dark depression.

This emotional freedom and release I experienced sold me on the power of Resource Therapy in healing.

I had years of therapy! At great cost. Yet in this one session I gained emotional closure and inner peace. Free too as I was a client volunteer!

There are many treatments and therapies offering wonderfully supportive grief and loss processing.

Resource Therapy is the one I use with amazing effect. Long held hurt is released in the therapy hour. Guilt and shame replaced with love, acceptance and personal peace.

Personal peace from loss cannot be underestimated. Find freedom today with Resource Therapist in your area.

There are clearly defined steps to have what I call ‘Closure Conversations.’ Here we apply the Resource Therapy steps to address and process burdensome grief, shift shame, and let go of guilt.

These sessions I have are some of the most moving and heartfelt therapy I have been privileged to facilitate.

Here’s the latest from the Resource Therapy Institute Australia YouTube Channel – on Closure Conversations. Please see below and I would love it if you would be so kind to like, subscribe and help!

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How Elton John’s RocketMan Brings Our Personality Parts To Life!

The fantasy life journey of Elton John shows us how our personality parts are Vaded in Rejection so powerfully.

I’ve just seen the movie Rocketman at my local the Ritz. I loved it. I highly recommend it. This picture is a biopic/fantasy of Elton John’s early life and career. Although I am not a huge fan but I do enjoy Elton’s music. My foot was tapping away in the musical elements. Its very clear how talented a performer he is and the star of the show Taren Egerton. Taren delivers a knock out performance. For an hour or so we are transported on a fantastical journey. Catching a glimpse into another world.

Taren is an amazing actor. I imagine Elton would have been impressed!

Impressing upon us the importance of our formative years and their impact our future selves.

The show dramatically brought home to me how our personality Parts ( our Resource States that make us up and are physical neural connections, formed in childhood) drive everything in our lives.

From Pleasure, Failure, Success, Pain, Perseverance and Progress!

The original Rocketman Elton John a performance legend!

Please let me explain.

We meet young 7 year old Reginald Dwight who’s Dad is unable to show any love or affection to his young son. Young Elton yearns for a hug and unconditional love.

In Resource Therapy terms he will have a Part Vaded in Rejection. We see Dad is caught up in his bitterness towards his wife whom he feels trapped him with pregnancy.

Their relationship is woeful to say the least. They certainly could have down with some marital therapy! Of course I’d recommend it to all !https://MarriageWorks.com.au

Reggie’s Mum’s world orbits around herself and her boyfriend/s. Her son’s needs and uniqueness are taken for granted and overlooked. Again this shows how as a child our Personality Parts can become Vaded in Rejection.

I am not a parent blamer by the way – there is a reason we do everything.

Grandma is a shining light for young Reggie showing him unconditional acceptance, practical and emotional support.

The adult Elton’s longing for love sees him involved with people who are very like his mother and father. Self absorbed and only looking out for themselves, cold and distant.

Some of us will relate!

Naturally we have a deep seated need for love and connection.

Often we will pay the price.

Accepting crumbs of affection, slices of niceness, lashed with layers of disapproval. It’s familiar and what we are used to. Those Parts are starved of love. Anything is better than nothing!

Like Elton our wiser mature adult Resources can get sidelined. He has to see how he is being used by his lover many times before an angry Part helps him take charge. Pretty powerfully – all our Parts are there to help us on our life journey.

Our emotional Parts yearn for love and acceptance.

We all need love and acceptance, Resource Therapy workshops show you how to achieve this for your clients

This is hardwired into us and helps us survive in the world. When we don’t receive nurturance which is necessary to our survival and emotional well being.

Life can go off into the ditch causing a crisis. We may get other Parts who step in to avoid the overwhelming emptiness, loneliness and upset as in the case of addictive behaviors or excessive anger. We see this played out in Elton’s career and his relationships.

In Resource Therapy (RT) we believe our Parts, even those acting out are there to help us.

RT is a strength based model of psychotherapy. Naturally it is a respectful trauma-informed and client centred psychological therapy.

We watch Elton’s showman Resource State come to life on stage in front of his fans. Fully expressing his talents.

Elton’s Showman dresses the part in the most amazing costumes. He goes on to entertain those of us in the movie theatre and his live audience. This Showman Resource personality part has such incredible energy and dynamism.

Still Parts of Elton feel unworthy.

The original Rocketman Elton John as played by Taren Egerton is amazing!
Rocketman Elton John as played by Taren Egerton is amazing!

Those parts start to drown out the negative emotions in order to cope with alcohol, drugs, sex, over-shopping, binge eating, self sabotage, suicidality and anger. Those younger inner child parts are lost in the depths. There is a scene in the movie which is so poignant as he dives into his younger self.

Elton John meets his younger self Reginald Dwight when drowning his pain.
Elton John meets his younger self Reginald Dwight when drowning his pain.

He embarks on his recovery sobriety journey. Here he meets and gives his inner child Parts the unconditional love and a beautiful big hug. There’s a group therapy 12 Step meeting scene where we get to witness his re-connection with himself. I love this scene!

Resource Therapists call out a part to be there on the inside for emotional support and unconditional love for these younger parts needs to be met.

I love this process. So empowering and rewarding for a person to know and feel this younger Part finally getting the loving, hugging and sanctuary it truly deserves. This happens after we have released the Parts perception of rejection, abandonment, disappointment and hurt related to the less than loving experiences.

Resource Therapy training offers the joy of finding a nurturing Part to take care of our emotional needs and give us !

It’s truly freeing and humbling, I often have a tear of joy in my eye.

I love the liberation within a Resource Therapy session as you have a detailed map for dealing with all the emotions and behaviours respectfully.

Watch me discuss how Rocketman shows us our Resource States!

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Welcome Our Latest Foundation Graduates!!

A warm welcome to our May Sydney Resource Therapy Graduates joining the Resource Therapy community.

Please join me in a hip hip hooray for our wonderful group of new graduates who have completed the Introductory Resource Therapy training workshop in Sydney.

Welcome to the Resource Therapy Community!

It was such an honour to meet you all. We had psychologists, psychotherapists and a couple counsellor join us. It’s great to have a wide variety of people who will be able to apply Rt into their therapy work. The live demonstrations are where you really get to see RT in action. I love doing this therapy. It’s fun and will fit into any of your tool kits really well. Exceptionally useful for ACT and Mindfulness practitioners.

Resource Therapy is a brief trauma informed Parts therapy - Sydney training available
Resource Therapy is a brief trauma informed Parts therapy – Sydney training available
Couples counsellor trains in Resource Therapy
Yay! Resource Therapy Grad!

We’d love to show you how RT works for your clients highest good and have fun meeting new lovely people. Being trauma informed, strength-based and solution oriented it ticks a lot of good therapy boxes for gold standard treatment. Respectful and playful, come and see the results for yourself!

We have one last Foundation August 18/19 Sydney for the yearso you can come and join us!

Clinical Dates

September 19, 20, 21, 22

October 24, 25, 26, 27 

All the training above will be held in Randwick NSW 2031.

Hurry to secure you place as numbers strictly limited. Please contact me for investment early bird option available . We also have payment plans to secure your place. Of course you might want to get make the most of the end of financial year too!

Parts therapy Sydney training
Yay Resource Therapists !
Resource Therapy is a brief trauma informed Parts therapy - Sydney training available
Yay! Resource Therapy makes us smile!

Such a joy Resource Therapy brings us all a big smile!

Here is the Foundation Training INfo https://resourcetherapy.com.au/resource-therapy-foundation-training-online-philipa-thornton-sydney/

So pick up the phone, email me today to join us!