Last Chance -Final Foundation Training Dates for this Year.

Life long learning for our Resource States

I am going to run one more Foundation in Resource Therapy, the lucky last for the year. Hurry spaces fill fast and we have limited numbers. Contact me today to secure your spot 0434559011

17-18 November Monday & Tuesday. Eastern Suburbs 2031 Sydney.

Here is what others who attended the training said: /

When we learn aobut our inner Resources - our Parts, we are freer to live a life of joy.

I am also offering the Foundation Certificate online. Email me for more information. We will meet virtually via and cover the Foundation Certificate. All from the comfort of your home or office.

You can learn via skype or zoom. Resource Therapy online certification.

Plus supervision and mentoring for psychologists and all Resource Therapists. It’s an honour to support and nurture others in the healing profession.

Spring into life xx

Introducing the Somatic Bridge for Trauma Therapists and Specialists.

Bridging to the Initial Sensitising Event is crucial to emotional processing the root cause of clients anxiety. The somatic bridge offers a new way for Resource Therapists to access the Part who is in need.

Bridging is a essential element of emotional processing necessary for treating Post traumatic stress, underlying anxieties. These Parts are the ones when at the helm bring with them overwhelm, anxiety and feelings low self worth.

Healing the origins of our pain, allows us to live our highest potential.

Integral to healing is finding the root cause of the issue. Resource Therapists apply Action step 2 the Vivify Specific protocol. RT Action step 2 gets the part we need to be working with out in the conscious. Out on deck for us to facilitate access to the original sensitizing event.

I have recorded a 3 part series of a new option for bridging. Bridging is an essential part of the Resource Therapy Vaded State Protocol. These Resource Therapy Actions are at the heart of healing PTSD, anxiety, phobias, poor self esteem for clients and ourselves. When we reach the Initial Sensitizing Event (I.S.E), we have floated back to the original trauma. As we know when we knock out the roots of the tree it dies out.

What this means for trauma if we get to the earliest event, empower and heal the Part with the issue it is resolved. This Resource part no longer needs to act out or has overwhelming emotions from this past. It is returned to a state of health and well-being.

We know this from the research and work of Bessel Van De Kolk; Pat Ogden, Janina Fisher and Peter Levine.

Please watch all three parts for the complete picture. I need your help as I haven’t quite decided on a name yet.

What would you call this bridging technique – the Somatic bridge, the Sensorimotor bridge or other bridge?

Thanks for again for completing the whole three videos and please share to others who would be interested in Resource Therapy and it’s uses in treating trauma effectively.

Here is the YouTube Channel of Resource Therapy please subscribe.

My 50th Student Trained in Resource Therapy !

Learn how Resource Therapy helps you on the path to wellness

Wow I am blown away. I have had the honour to have trained over 50 people in Resource Therapy!

What an honour. And the kicker is nearly half have gone on to complete the Clinical training. Feeling stoked!

Feeling stoked having trained over 50 people in Resource Therapy! And now a Master Trainer offering the Advanced Clinical and Train the Trainer. Yay
Feeling stoked having trained over 50 people in Resource Therapy! And now a Master Trainer offering the Advanced Clinical and Train the Trainer. Yay

After speaking to the gorgeous Anna Emmerson today, she suggested I may have the numbers to be given the certification of Master Trainer in Resource Therapy. As of last year I have completed the requirement.

Gordon and Anna Emmerson of Resource Therapy International have made the criteria of having taught four Clinical Resource Therapy Programs with over four participants. Super pleased to say I have facilitated five Clinical training groups and soon to be a sixth!

Details here

My heart is full, I love, love Resource therapy training programs. What an honour to show others.

What this means for you, is I can now offer the top tier workshop of Resource Therapy. This is the Advanced Clinical and Train the Trainer.

In this five day program you can update and consolidate your learning’s after completing the Clinical workshop of eight days. Once completed with supervision and support you can go on to provide training for others. So watch this space, 2020 dates coming soon.

So exciting!

I am very thankful to the participants of our past workshops at the Resource Therapy Institute Australia.
I am very thankful to the participants of our past workshops at the Resource Therapy Institute Australia. Blessed to be offering another Clinical soon in September.

By the way Anna is doing some yummy training in Bali next year.

Feel like a winter escape, to a tropical paradise and with a tax benefit?

Look no further. Love to have you and join us in the fun. Anna has invited me to help out. See you there hopefully.

Magical Ubud Bali full of Spa and lovely sunshine perfect after a days learning of Resource Therapy.