Ireland’s Parts Negotiator, Nobel Laureate Peace Prize Winner John Hume dies

I turned on Google to learn of Mr Hume’s death. His life work was inspirational. John Hume was a politician that helped end the Troubles of Northern Ireland a land in the grip of deadly conflict and terrorism.

Honour bound working for peace, he brought a country in massive opposition, dogmatic issues to a state of connection and cooperation.

Bill Clinton a long term friend called John Hume the Martin Luther King.

Here is one of his quotes, I was moved to share with you today :

I want to see Ireland as an example to men and women everywhere of what can be achieved by living for ideals, rather than fighting for them, and by viewing each and every person as worthy of respect and honour.” John Hume

Psychologists, Counsellors and Resource Therapists, I believe work to this vision.

We work with our client’s struggle and conflict for inner peace, to negotiate new methods of coping. Connecting with core values to live to their desired potentials.

So rewarding! So thank you to all you therapists, you deserve an award for all the good work you do! With love, Philipa

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