Pathways to Healing Here We Come!

Super excited to have been invited to present Pathways to Healing Trauma with Resource Therapy workshop at the 6th Annual Indigenous Drug and Alcohol Conference .

Drug and Alcohol Council (SA) Aboriginal Corporation

Many of you reading the blog know of RT’s healing properties when it comes to processing our parts past wounds. And empowering them, to move beyond outdated life patterns. Truly rewarding work. We appreciate your support.

I have been working all my spare time to get this completed. As of yesterday it’s there. I started this is the beginning of the year. So phew, feeling relieved.

They do say every hour of a presentation requires about 10 hours. I think that’s about right. So I don’t feel bad it’s taken a while!

Now to get my presenter part relaxed and rehearsed. Did I hear Anchoring anyone?

If you are in Adelaide 23 -26 March you are welcome to join us. Please come up and say hello, we’d love to meet you.

We celebrate Chris’s birthday while there with a trip to the Barossa Valley. Please give us a shout out in the comments if you have any South Australia recommendations. Much appreciated.

And we have our up coming clinical starting in April Dates here.

With Love and Light,

Philipa xox

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