Save the Date – Part 2 Using RT Online with Clients & Bridging Master Class

It was wonderful to share the benefits of working online with clients using Resource Therapy. Many people signed up for the replay. The Institute went global, Belgrade, Heidelberg, London,

Here is what people on the call said:

“we want more”

” It’s inspired me again to revisit RT, use it with my mental health clients and reread the RT books”

” I feel much more confident in applying the RT steps especially bridging new with clients using Zoom.”

I felt super charged sharing my online experience, combined with RT knowledge, such a force for good.

So we have heard you and have two new offerings. Firstly:

Part 2 Using RT Online with Clients & The Secret to Bridging Master Class

Date Sunday 26th April 4.30-6.30 pm Sydney time.

Here you can ask anything you want on Resource Therapy Online and we have special guest Wendy Brewer amazing (RT Trainer and Clinician) as co-host and she is going to share her The Secret to Bridging taster. Exciting !!

Wendy and I got chatting about the roadblock many clinicians get stuck.

It’s Resource Therapy Action 3 Bridging and Vivify Specific RT Action 2. The Watkins Affect Bridge and Emmerson Bridge are powerful. Wendy will talk about the secret ingredients to successful Bridging.

Bridging for those who don’t know is the term and technique we use for getting our client’s present-day issues to point to where they were first acquired and repairing this moment in therapy. So powerful at dislodging long-held issues.

This Resource Therapy Action (3) is used with our clients who are trapped in fear and rejection.

In this imaginal space we land at the root cause so elegantly via our Bridge process using Clients goals and presenting issue. We then Empower the part experiencing this with expression and nurturance. RT is both attachment and gentle.

We start with the rupture and revisit only for a few moments for repair. It’s such an honoring process of healing.

Many others use Bridging – those of you who are EMDR practitioners, EFTers, Radical Exposure Therapy, Hypnosis, I am sure there are more!

Needless to say you want to make sure you are doing this correctly.

Otherwise, the client and clinician may miss out on clearing the issue that is informing your client’s negative feelings, thoughts and beliefs. The session will feel like it just didn’t get there or worse a flop. Disheartening to say the least.

You won’t want to miss this Master Class. To cover the time and costs of the offering there is a small charge. However, if you would like to come but would struggle please email me.

We are so confident you will love it so much you will want more. Please join us for The Secrets of Bridging Successfully Program

Bridging to the Initial Sensitising Event is crucial to emotional processing the root cause of clients anxiety. The somatic bridge offers a new way for Resource Therapists to access the Part who is in need.
Bridging to the Initial Sensitizing Event is crucial to emotional processing the root cause of clients’ anxiety. The Sensorimotor bridge offers a new way for Resource Therapists to access the Part who is in need.

This is where we really dive in deep, exploring the art and science of Bridging, so we are proud to offer you.

The Secret to Mastering the Bridging Process Successfully Program

You will walk away or across or perhaps stand up on Zoom, with a renewed confidence having learned and practiced your Bridging to perfection or close! Guidance and support online of course.

Save the date May 1, 10 am – 4 pm Sydney time.

You will watch and be inspired with clear secret sauce techniques for mastering the Bridging process integral to full trauma resolution, healing attachment ruptures, and misattunements.

You may well be amazed at the magical results and easy learning of Resource Therapy. It can be easily linked with your useful professional skills.

Wendy and I will be co-hosting this with our trusty RT facilitators, Chris and Yvette. Not to be missed.

How to sign up :

The best way to register at present is by signing up for the RT Newsletter. Send me an email or call me on Whatsapp +61434559011.

The other way is to head on over to Facebook and join the Resource Therapy Institute there for the latest updates.

Please if you know others who would benefit from this Masterclass please pass on the information.

Full registration details soon!

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