The Power of EMDR & Parts Therapy

After training in Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), our EMDR consultant said Parts Therapy would be both beneficial and necessary in his experience.

So true!

We attended the Ego State Therapy training run by Professor Gordon Emmerson PhD.

Gordon Emmerson presents Chris Paulin with Official RT Trainer Certificate

Logically in the workshop one could see the value in working with the personality parts associated with our issues directly.

Brief and effective interventions are vital in today’s society, as clients expect fast, long lasting, results.

The problem was Ego State Therapy was not easy to follow. With no clear sequences or protocols to guide clinicians in treating client problems.

We explained, read complained!

Gordon listened.

Developing Resource Therapy in response.

Clear protocols, systems and actions based on Resource Therapy’s Therapy of personality to facilitate change.


A guide for therapists to assisting unburdening our clients from the overwhelming issues they bring into our offices.

Parts work fits in beautifully with EMDR. Those who know Jim Knipe, Laurel Parnell, Robin Shapiro, Janina Fisher, Sondra Paulson and Maggie Phillips will be familiar with the concept. All legends in the psychology and trauma healing field.

Internal Family Systems folk will know the power of parts.

Resource Therapy bears some similarities and differences to IFS, Ego State and the others. Watch this space for that article.


And easy addition to your empathic health and well being practice.

Resource Therapy fits in easily and seamlessly to your tool kit.

Its great combined in your artists palette with Mindfulness, ACT, EFT, EMDR, couples work and Imago Therapy.

Use your therapeutic artistry to learn parts psychology with resource therapy

It’s that simple.

For those who use EMDR you would have seen parts popping out in processing. With a little tweak Resource Therapy can fast track looping, adding an interweave and working with dissociation easily.

Plus it’s fun.

Staying within our clients Window of Tolerance shifts happen quickly resolving long held issues. Clients report a sense of freedom and lightness.

So empowering.

RT is super practical.

In our two day training you will be up and running with these powerful techniques. Applying them in your next client session.

Here’s the web page for our next workshop. Love to have you join us March 30/31 Sydney

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