Video for you for 2021! And more to come..

Welcome to the new year, I hope you have had a gentle start to this one. Chris and I had a quiet one catching the fireworks on Sydney Harbour bridge on TV. As there have been more cases of Covid here, people are being cautious.

We now have to wear masks in many places. Personally, I want to print a smile on mine πŸ˜ƒ. We don’t need any more cases of vaded in rejection. πŸ€ͺ

I had to have a test just before Christmas, luckily was negative so we got to celebrate Christmas with the amazing Yvette.

We hope you were able to connect with your loved ones too!

We at the Resource Therapy Institute are grateful to you for connecting with us throughout 2020. We went online and found a new tribe of amazing therapists from all over the world.

We truly appreciate your amazing support, curiosity and adaptability through a year of great uncertainty. Thank you to all, clients, mentors and therapists from us all at the RTIA.

To acknowledge you, here’s a special gift for you from one of the recently qualified Resource Therapy Trainer’s Ronelle Olivier. Ronelle adds the Anchoring process as applied to Dissonant State work. All part of the Resourceful Therapist Podcast and YouTube Channel brought freely in support of you and your clients. Be well and enjoy!

Resourceful Therapist Podcast YouTube Channel Online Presentation

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