Free Journalling Gift for You ?

The written word is powerful. Especially our own, when it comes to releasing and reflecting.. It’s totally within our control and best of all free!

When our writing part shares our journey on the page we process and make meaning of our actions, reactions, and our lives. Scrawling our thoughts, doodling, drawing decompresses.

What better way to foster self care and compassion.

Research supports handwritten notes are powerful in processing our experiences. Super cool, I googled and found this New York Times article on journaling. It even mentions a New Zealand study, as a kiwi, gotta love that.

S create some sacred space for you, set aside some time with a beautiful notebook which inspires. From the beautiful folk at Intrinsic here’s a lovely free gift to encourage your journaling journey. Click and it will open.

Bring out your journaling part for your growth and healing.
Bring out your journalist part for your growth and healing.

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