Vaded In Fear Resource Therapy Actions on YouTube

Welcome to May, gorgeous autumn here in Sydney.

Here is the next video in the Vaded State series – dealing with Resources States Vaded in Fear and how this assists them to return to their Normal condition and be free from the past.

The Resource Therapy Actions involved in Vaded in Fear work are applicable to dealing with PTSD, Addictions, Dissociation, Imposter Syndrome, Generalized Anxiety, OCD, Phobia’s and Panic attacks. Although there may be more involved and you may require the Vaded in Rejection series coming up soon. These are taught on the Foundation Training workshop – Resourcing our Clients come and learn for yourself!

 States Vaded in Fear are those state that surface with old emotions related to a past event that do not match the present situation and can be overwl=hleming.
Vaded in Fear and Vaded in Rejection Resource states are often stuck in the past and we need to help them heal in the present. Resource Therapy teaches us how to effectively get results for clients.

Here I am discussing how to use the Resource Therapy Vaded in Fear protocol.

If you are in Sydney I will be presenting a workshop at the Randwick Mental Health Professionals Network May 13th 6pm-8m on working with States Vaded in Confusion – healing traumatic bereavement whilst aiding in the repair of guilt and shame. Please send me an email and I will add you to the registration – YOU must Register as places strictly limited and it’s expected to sell out! It’s free and so great value and professional points and networking with other therapists.

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