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Well, it was certainly interesting to hear Professor Gordon Emmerson’s Ph.D. backstory. Born in Missouri USA Gordon moved to Australia as a young man. We had an international group – Australia, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Gordon shared how Resource Therapy was influenced by Ego State origins. Gordon said after using it for many years, aspects of Ego State therapy did not work for his clients. Hence he developed Resource Therapy (RT) by revisiting the work of Paul Federn.

Having trained in Gordon’s Ego State course just prior to the emergence of RT I could already see these changes. I was overjoyed when the Primer came out. Brilliant to have the RT Action steps and a shortcut guide to work by. We give this out at our Foundation Program the two-day introduction to RT.

For those experienced RTer’s, you will really enjoy Gordon’s explanations to a supervision question on the Retro-Avoiding States. Recall Retro Avoiding parts are those that carry on addictive or repetitive behaviors to avoid Vaded states surfacing out on deck.

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Please enjoy this free, fun, and engaging RT fireside chat on Parts Therapy with Gordon on the Resourceful Therapist YouTube here

Why Learn Resource Therapy?

Gordon Emmerson Why Learn Resource Therapy

In the creator of Resource Therapy Gordon Emmerson Ph.D. own words, he shares his compelling wisdom :

Copies from Professor Emmerson’s Linkedin Article:

Why learn Resource Therapy?

Resource Therapy is a psychodynamic therapy. That means it sometimes focuses on the memories in order to attend to the cause of current issues.Cognitive Behavioral Therapy focuses on reframing and behavioural homework, and does not therapeutically attend to memories of the past.

Attending to the Cause

Resource Therapists believe that attending to the cause is better than attempting to lessen the impact of the symptoms, because when the cause of an issue is attended to the symptom will disappear, plus the client will no longer carry the unresolved confusion from the past.

Working with the right part

Resource Therapists believe the personality is composed of parts and it is important to locate and attend precisely to the Resource State that has the issue. Working directly with the part that needs change is the most direct route to resolution. Continuing to spend time talking with the wrong part is a waste of therapy time.

Understanding pathology

Resource Therapists learn there are 8 pathologies that underpin psychological distress. They learn precise treatment actions to attend to each pathology.

Having the right tools

Resource Therapists have clear guidelines for working with issues that clients bring to therapy. It is important for Resource Therapists to learn the types of pathologies, and to learn the associated treatments in order to feel competent to handle the various issues presented by clients.

Full article in the link below.

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I call it finding the goldmine within. We connect to our internal Resources special and unique to us, healing the hurt parts stuck in trauma time is freeing and fun. Look at our next two day introduction to Resource Therapy – Foundation program. We guarantee you will love it. Especially suited to those with chronic, complex trauma, EMDR practitioners and Clinical Hypnotherapists and Ego State Therapists wanting the missing piece of the puzzle- Parts Therapy!

Yours in Service,

Philipa Thornton

Fireside Chat with Gordon Emmerson May 23

The #Resourceful #Therapist YouTube chat with Gordon Emmerson

Please join us for a free informal meeting, brought to you by the Resourceful Therapist YouTube Channel, where we are dedicated to sharing and connecting caring health professionals with stimulating ideas and experts in the therapy world.

It is such an honour to have Professor Emmerson on Zoom. Gordon is a legend in hypnotherapy circles and has many accolades. Previously an Ego States parts therapist, Gordon developed with his beautiful wife Anna Resource Therapy. Love to have you join us live or send your questions in to me prior.

You are invited to a Zoom meeting.
When: May 23, 2021 16:00 Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney time zone.

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