Professor Gordon Emmerson’s latest Book

Wow Professor Gordon Emmerson has just completed “Learn Resource Therapy Clinical Qualification Student Manual.”

This will accompany the Clinical Qualification in Resource Therapy training.

I am taking orders for the manual please contact me via email to order and for pricing


Professor Gordon Emmerson Resource Therapy Student Manual
Professor Gordon Emmerson’s latest book – Learn Resource Therapy, Clinical Qualification Student Manual. Emmerson’s Ego State Therapy.

Here is the Amazon link where I get a tiny commission if you buy, which helps the cost of running this website. Thanks in advance, no pressure.

Click on image to buy now.

13 Replies to “Professor Gordon Emmerson’s latest Book”

  1. Very interested in learning more about Resource Therapy . Could you please advise when the next course is after October. I would love to attend this course but I am training on afternoon of 2nd October. Kind regards Yvette

    1. Hello Dr Cruz,
      I will contact you via email to see what I can arrange for you. The free version of Dr Emmerson’ Resource Therapy student Manual is no longer available.
      I’m glad you’re interested in learning Resource Therapy (Emmerson’s Ego State Therapy).
      Best wishes Philipa

      1. hi im interested in reading a copy of the book and also dates for training in australia for 2016 when they are available. Could you also put me on your mailing list please. could you possibly email me a copy of the book to read in the meantime please.

        1. Hello Fi – here are the 2016 dates:

          Foundation Training in Resource Therapy 19th and 20th February ( prerequisite to the Clinical Certification.
          Clinical Qualification Training Program (CQT) Dates 2016

          Clinical Block One Level 2 4th, 5th and 6th March
          Clinical Block Two Level 3 1st 2nd and 3rd April
          Clinical Block Three Level 4 6th and 7th May

          The clinical qualification training is only open to those select therapists who have completed the Foundation training and hold professional certification. Hurry spaces are strictly limited!

          Thanks for your keen interest.
          Best wishes Philipa

  2. Hi, I see you do your work in NSW. I live in Melbourne. Do you ever get here to train? Am doing the foundation course in September in Melb. What is the cost to do the balance of the clinical qualification please?

    1. Hello Debra,
      It’s great you’re doing RT Foundation training in Melbourne. That’s where I originally trained with Gordon Emmerson ?

      We are organising the Clinical training dates for next year. We will post shortly.

      I’ll send you an email directly on how to register for this years training. It’s in blocks to help you learn thoroughly.

      Thanks for you question.
      Best wishes Philipa

    2. Hi Debra,
      We are only offering training in Sydney at this point in time. We are offering the eight day training in 2 blocks to make it easier for our visitors interstate. The balance is $2800 for the earlybird and we offer payment plans.
      So glad you are doing the Foundation.
      Well done xx

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